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Project-Blu Blu-Ray Review For 'Takers'

'Takers’ was a decent film which doesn't add many new ideas to its genre save for a hip cast. It follows the heist principles and doesn’t break any rules which make the movie safe. The movie even has the stereotypical sub-plot of good cop and bad cop. One partner goes overboard on his job requirements, while the other is sneakily obtaining money from criminals. ‘Takers’ is a movie that the writers at Project-Blu believe everyone must watch for themselves to judge.

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Sunny_D4132d ago

Another garbage movie made with rappers who have garbage acting.

Quagmire4131d ago

Here Here. They make enough money and fame buy ruining one medium of entertainment, they feel obliged to do the same to another. What's next, 50 Cent in a video ga- ah fuck, it already happened...twice.

Sunny_D4131d ago

Looool, nice one. Although both still are terrible. The 1st game was better than his 2nd one by a little.