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'True Blood' Hunk Joe Manganiello in the Running for 'Superman'

LA TImes Blogs says:

Joe Manganiello must be howling at the moon — the "True Blood" werewolf is definitely in the running for the new "Superman."

The Ministry hassled its fanboy brother Hero Complex for details, as Hero tweeted Tuesday that the actor was high on a list of potentials to play the Man of Steel.

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Crazay4133d ago

He's def. got the stature suitable to be Superman - This guy is huge but he looks so Italian that I'd almost expect to see him whip out a Tommy Gun from under his cape and mow people down.

Soldierone4133d ago

I guess that gets rid of the old man story we were hearing about? haha

I still want to see Routh return, he was an amazing Superman and with a good story and director behind him, the movie would be amazing.

Crazay4133d ago

You sir are not wrong in the least. Routh was a fantastic Superman.

KingPin4132d ago

to me superman will always be Christopher reeves. he was the ultimate superman. i don't see any of these new actors filling in such a role.

the latest superman movie just sucked balls!! the story was lame. that movie was great for the first 20 mins. after the plane scene that movie fell flat on its ass.

if anyone can tell me they enjoyed that movie, they have no taste in movies at all. unless they feeling crap that they just payed for it and now they have to say they liked it so it doesn't seem like they wasted their cash.

Crazay4132d ago

I liked the movie just fine - I don't feel like crap for having spent money to see it in theaters or for buying it when it came out. I'll give you that the story was a little suspect, I wasn't a big fan of the "super-kid" and the casting of Lois could have been done better but Brandon Routh was awesome in that movie. He had the look that hearkened back to Christopher Reeves which is why I liked it so much.

Kevin Spacey did a fine job as Lex Luthor.

Sunny_D4132d ago

Meh, I don't think this guy seems special. Maybe a clone of Christopher Reeve would suffice??