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3 Reasons Why Inception Was Robbed For Best Director

NERDSociety writes "So today, the Oscar nominations were announced and one name I was sure would make the list would be Christopher Nolan for Best Director. Oscar doesn’t give nominations to newcomers but after Dark Knight and Memento, I thought he’d finally get a nomination. Instead here are the directors that are up for the running:"

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filmmattic4135d ago

Interesting points. I am already firmly entrenched on the Nolan got robbed bandwagon. As you stated, Memento and Dark Knight should have served as his forerunning credentials—you know, in order to justify the award. Apparently, the Academy is not as impressed as US; the growing legion of Nolan die-hards.

Soldierone4135d ago

Hey! Someone that didnt like Matrix 2 and 3! Finally haha.

I have to look, but was Inception nominated for screenplay? Writing this thing would be more confusing that anything, all the routes and character tie ins would of taken ages and a lot of rewrites.

I agree though, Nolan didn't deserve the snub. But hey its getting the Acadamy attention and thats what they wanted. Otherwise it would of been "well nolan won, what a suprise. next subject."