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6 Ideas for a Post-Nolan Batman Movie

Chad Derdowski from Mania says:

As the saying goes, “all good things must come to an end” and with the third installment of Chris Nolan’s Batman series underway, that saying may be hitting home for fans of the current Bat flicks. Everything we’ve been hearing indicates that this will be the last trip to Gotham for the current regime and even though we don’t know who the villains of this piece will be, we’re already looking toward the next interpretation of the Darknight Detective on the big screen. Whoever steps behind the wheel of the Batmobile will have some mighty big shoes to fill and may need a little guidance to stay on the path. Luckily, we’ve got no problem dispensing our brand of wisdom and we’ve compiled a short list of suggestions. There are plenty of directors who would give their eyeteeth to take the reins of the Batman franchise. If they were to ask for our advice, here’s what we’d say…

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Crazay4136d ago

I thought this was a pretty interesting read though there's not too much that I agree with aside from bringing Robin into the picture and actually setting it in the DC Universe.

Sunny_D4136d ago

I don't know, I think by adding Robin, it takes away from the gritty realism that Nolan was going for. But, it's Batman. A man fighting crime in a Bat Costume. You can only go so far with realism in Batman.

Soldierone4136d ago

Im not a fan of Robin standing alongside Batman. It works in certain instances, but for this universe its not really feeling right.

Crazay4135d ago

Just think about a 3 movie story arch with Joker killing RObin. I think that would be AWESOME!!!

JL4136d ago

Plain and simple: there doesn't need to be a "Post-Nolan Batman". Not in the sense of someone trying to pick up where Nolan left off. Sorry, nobody can do it like Nolan.

Of course, I'm not suggesting no more Batman movies ever. That's just stupid. But taking some time off, then somebody else coming up with their own vision/interpretation of the Batman world...that's much better.

Soldierone4135d ago

Ugh then we have to watch yet another reboot and wait three movies for it to get interesting. Haha

I totally agree. Its like comic books. New writer and artist come on board and create their own version for 12 issues. In this instance its a new director and writer.

violent80sarcade824135d ago

Great job Chad Derdowsky! Excellent post all your suggestion's i've been saying for months we do need the blue batman and also give us either the serious 80s or 90s robin that could fight good i remember he would sometimes do sloppy kung fu kicks and get his ass kicked by many diff batman villain's the 2nd robin actually got beat to death by the joker wit a crowbar lol but batman does need help every blue moon and not by no broad *cough* batgirl/catwoman/huntress