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Christian Bale Talks Dark Knight Rises

Empire: This may not come as a huge surprise but it does come straight from the horse's mouth: Christian Bale, talking to Empire last month, said that The Dark Knight Rises will be his last Batman movie...probably.

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Sunny_D4263d ago

Well, if I'm correct, the Batman's movies are supposed to be only a trilogy so, I guess Bale is saying the obvious.

MrMyers4263d ago

i'll be sad to see nolan go. i think if nolan goes then they should leave batman alone for a while. later they can reboot it, but don't try to carry on what nolan did without nolan.

filmmattic4263d ago

No Nolan or Batman. It's that simple. They are both too instrumental in the franchise's success.

IcarusOne4262d ago

I think it's kind of silly to expect or hope WB will leave the franchise alone after Nolan departs. The most we can hope is that they pass it to another visionary. Remember, Nolan wasn't really Nolan (commercially speaking) until he did Batman Begins.

filmmattic4262d ago

I was speaking in hyperbole. Of course I do not think the franchise will go away.

And yes, you are correct in conjecturing that reviving the Batman franchise post-Nolan will require another "visionary." A middling incarnation of the franchise that Nolan and Bale championed in the 2000's (and made more popular for new generations) will not suffice.

IcarusOne4262d ago

Yeah. Let's just hope they learned something and don't stumble back into the hands of another Schumacher. Imagine if they gave the franchise to Brett Ratner--

Dammit. I just threw up on my keyboard.

filmmattic4262d ago

Lol. Indeed, that would be an ugly scenario. Never enlist a RAT-ner to get the job done. No one likes rats. I barely have any respect for the guy and we're alums of the same college. I did like Rush Hour though. He as some knack for comedy-action, but nothing superhero or dramatic.