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Summit Announces Red 2

Harry from AICN says:

Hey folks, Harry here... just back from a really brutal rehab session, and the one thing about being in Physical Rehab is that you're surrounded by really old folks. My roommate is the youngest 90-year old here. Octogenarians abound, and the one thing I can say is this. Old people kick ass. Just a while ago, through my curtain, I heard my roommate George complaining he couldn't get something open, his wife tells him to use his teeth, and he responded, "What teeth?" - and his wife started laughing - and Yoko and I started laughing, but George is an inspiration. Just watching this guy kick ass each day, makes me work to the point of exhaustion each day. And a movie like RED is a blast because it celebrates the joy of oldness. And Summit has just sent out a press release announcing the sequel...

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