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Andrew Garfield as Spider-Man

With hot newcomer Andrew Garfield and Notting Hill star Rhys Ifans on board, action blockbuster Spider-Man is set to be a bit of a Brit-fest. And now we’ve got our hands on the very first snaps from the set. It seems the super hero has had a bit of a makeover in action packed shots. Donning a super-tight, (and altogether more modern!) Spider-Man outfit, the brand new pictures make us really quite excited about the film.

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Sunny_D3894d ago

Looks like the pics are from the scene from the video we saw a few days ago of him jumping onto the truck. For some reason, I don't think that is the final costume. It looks to amateurish, and also kind of cartoony.

nevin13894d ago

what happen to Tobey?

Eternus3894d ago

He sucked at acting. That's what lol.

MrMyers3894d ago

i wouldnt say he sucks. i liked him in Wonder Boys. and he did very good in Brothers.

LtSkittles3894d ago

Spiderman 3 was a disaster.

MrMyers3894d ago

i didnt mind part 3 so much. wasnt the best but still liked it.

LtSkittles3894d ago

It was alright up until emo Peter Parker, and having 3 villains in the movie also didn't help. Sandman was good, and reminded me of Dr. Ock

Blitzed3894d ago

They are rebooting the franchise.

tunaks13894d ago

im really not liking that costume.

Crazay3894d ago (Edited 3894d ago )

I think the general thought about the costume being the early prototype for Peter Parker could be accurate. The only reason I say this is because he;s running towards the truck instead of swinging to it. then again, we do see the web shooters too.

I guess time will tell.

Soldierone3894d ago

I hope so. I hope his actual suit gets a differnt mask and isnt all sparkly. Otherwise i will not see this movie, honestly.

Crazay3893d ago

A "sparkly" look would really keep you away? That's a little rash if you ask me sir. So long as the costume still has all the features that make up the Spider-Man costume there's no reason to suggest a boycott because of a few design augmentations.

Red and Blue? Check
Spider on the chest? Check
Mask? Check

I don't get the idea of making the eyes red (at least that's now it looks) but everything else is the Spider-man costume so I really have no issue with it at all.

Soldierone3893d ago

Its super sparkly, i probably will be impressed with something else, but right now all they have is the suit advertising the movie and its not that good. I dont like the design along the legs, it makes it look too futurish, and the sparkling needs to go. When did Spiderman ever sparkle?

The eyes are just ugly as hell.

STiRacer3894d ago

Looks like they got it at Party City or something.

filmmattic3894d ago

The costume does look goofy lol. Let's hope its only an "early prototype," as Crazay points out.

Sunny_D3894d ago

Lol, that is exactly what I was thinking lOl

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