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Guardians of Oa Revealed in Green Lantern T-Shirt?

While some images have been leaked and quickly pulled down, fans haven't really gotten a good look at the Guardians of Oa from the Green Lantern movie. However, a T-Shirt has changed that.

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darklordzor4262d ago

There are a lot of aliens in this movie. I'm still not really sure how that's going to play out. It's something that excites me, as we haven't really seen that in this type of movie before, but it they aren't handled correctly could totally bring down this movie.

Still the guardians are kind of cool and hope that the full trailer will show them in action.

Crazay4262d ago

I have absolutely no idea about anything regarding the Green Lantern. For me he was always a 3rd tier superhero much like Iron Man so as a kid I never paid any attention to him. I suspect that after this movie I may have a new level of respect for the character.