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83rd Annual Academy Award Nominations Announced

After a lot of speculation and predictions the nominations for the upcoming Academy Awards have finally been announced. TMP has the full list and breakdown for the nominations.

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filmmattic4134d ago

I'm disappointed that Nolan did not get a nod for Best Director. The Academy has a track record for denying certain talents their just praise. I mean, how long did it take before Scorsese finally won his Best Director Oscar? Nolan's coronation will eventually come at the Oscar's; us fans will just have to wait extra longer.

JL4134d ago

Agreed. The Nolan snub was very surprising. I would easily give him the nomination over the Coens or Russell. Haven't seen The King's Speech so not sure about that one, but it's possible there too.

JL4134d ago

Something to note here: in the past 20+ years only like 3 or 4 times has Best Picture won by a film that didn't receive Best Director Oscar. Thus, with the 10 nominees (Picture) vs 5 nominees (Director) you can pretty much rule out Toy Story 3, Inception, 127 Hours, The Kids Are All Right and Winter's Bone as winning Best Picture.

filmmattic4134d ago

Interesting stat. Based on the way the awards have been trending, I think it is safe to assume that either The King's Speech or The Social Network will win Best Picture. Again, I'm sad to not see Inception take the big prize. But frankly, any of these three pictures are deserving.

JL4134d ago

Like I said, I haven't seen The King's Speech yet, so I can't say about that one. Though, in all honesty, it strikes me as one of those Oscar-bait movies that's probably a fairly good movie if a little boring, but is carried by it's fine acting thus possibly gets more praise than it's rightfully due as far as entertainment goes.

While I'd like Inception to get it, yea I'll go with The Social Network.

Soldierone4133d ago

Im just trying to figure out the marketing ploy here. In one instance I know Inception only made it because of marketing, and by no means is it going to win. Does it deserve it? By all means, but it wont win.

Im just trying to figure out if The Social Network is a marketing ploy too, or if it actually has a chance to win. Otherwise its going to be Kings Speech.

JL4133d ago

I'm saying hands-down The Social Network gets it. I hate the Inception is just a ploy that. And it irritates me more, the more I think about it, that Nolan got snubbed on Best Director.

JL4134d ago

Oh, and I also don't like how Catfish keeps getting snubbed in the Documentary categories.

filmmattic4134d ago

Agreed. Catfish should be a contender for Best Documentary Feature. It was better than I thought it would be even if you concede that the bizarre circumstances and many twists are fabricated. I'm not saying definitively they are, as the directors dispute these accusations. Restrepo will probably get the win in this category.

JL4134d ago

I've still yet to see Restrepo, though it's in my Netflix Instant Queue, so I'll get around to it sometime.

And honestly, I feel that's the reason Catfish is snubbed so often and nobody pays it another mind. As you mention, there are questions about whether it's fabricated or not. For me, if the filmmakers say it's not, then fine, I'll take their word for it unless anyone has proof to the contrary. I feel though that that stigma around it makes people reluctant to consider it a real documentary for fear that it be outed as not being real.

Then again, the same concerns have been raised about Exit Through the Gift Shop, so who knows.

filmmattic4134d ago

While The King's Speech' merits are questionable, if you evaluate it in terms of a SLAM DUNK Best Picture Winner (as many are reporting), there is no doubt that Firth's performance is spellbindingly outstanding. JL, I am sure you will agree with me once you ultimately watch it.

JL4134d ago

See that's exactly what I meant, though. I have no doubt Firth's performance will be great once I get around to seeing it. But ultimately I feel that that's probably the best thing it has going for it. I feel that ultimately, I'll end up finding the movie to be somewhat boring. Just it will have some excellent acting to keep it afloat.

I, for one, think The Social Network is the "slam dunk" Best Picture Winner. Another stat for you: In the past 10 years, the winner of the Critics' Choice Best Film Award has gone on to win the Oscar for Best Picture 8 times. 8 out of 10 "prediction" rate is pretty good and bodes well for The Social Network (this year's Critics' Choice Best Film)

filmmattic4134d ago

Your trepidations about The King's Speech, particularly, the idea that it is "boring," are reasonable. I watched it yesterday and think it is a great movie. But Best Picture? No, I don't think so. In five or ten years, I will look back on The King's Speech and think; yeah that was a good movie, but the best of 2010. Hell no. The movie does not give me that indelible, lingering feeling of awe that I require in a Best Picture film.