Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance Image

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Stumbled across this image of a burned out looking bike from the upcoming Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, during my morning web browsing and thought I’d share it. I’m not one of the people who hated the last movie. I thought it was decent. Perhaps Nic Cage is a little old to play the role and his hair looked rather cheesy but all in all it was a decent origin story. The bike looks pretty sharp.

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darklordzor4132d ago

Whoo? I'm not exactly excited by a picture of his bike. I'm not excited at all for this film really. I hated the first one, and see no reason for this one.

Crazay4132d ago

Hahahah! DLZ, that actually surprises me some. I think the bike looks pretty sweet. I just hope they can make the flaming skull look a little more refined because it looked unfinished to me in the last one.

darklordzor4132d ago

Yes it did. Most of the effects seemed unfinished actually. But with technology these days, at the very least it should look cool.

Crazay4132d ago

Agreed - They should be able to make a much better go of it this time. Last time around he almost looked like a 1st year animation students final project.

Sunny_D4131d ago

I hated the 1st one too. Nicholas Cage left a bad taste in my mouth. With the way he slurs his words as if he's drunk and trying to say his lines was the biggest turn off from the movie.

xino4131d ago

one picture and you call this news:/