Games That Should be Films

Games 4 Guys writes: Hollywood has already tapped the video game market for movies. With the exception of the first, and maybe second, Resident Evil the entire game to film market has been garbage. Try to think of one good adaptation

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Soldierone4132d ago

Some of these are in the making and I cant wait to see them. Personally would love to see (or id make) a Dead Space film. But why hacker/slash? It should by psycological horror more than anything if its gonna be good.

Im a huge sucker for space films, thats what I love writing for my own things. So Mass Effect? Id be there at midnight.

Other ones though not so sure about. Star Wars is always welcomed, but why not just do the core Star Wars stories that have yet to be told? Others I just dont think would fit well. Like Alan Wake, it has a horror feel, but nothing unique to set it apart from other horror movies. GTA has been done in film a ton of times already.

Also where is the MGS? haha

Crazay4132d ago

I don't like the idea of GTA as a movie at all. Been there done that with about a million other movies based on crime sprees (Gone in 60 Seconds?). Mass Effect is absolutely a series that should be made and the original story should be followed as it was told in the game but I imagine it would have to be a HUGE undertaking and should be done much like the Lord of the Rings. Filmed back to back to back as a 3 part trilogy and released within of 6 months - 1yr of each other.

Nothing from Nintendo should ever be attempted.

Metal gear Solid could make for a great movie franchise but Kojima is gonna have to be part of that to help the writers make sense of alot of shit in that story that just gets too confusing otherwise it'll lose its chance immediately.

Fallout to me seems more like a series that should be done as a TV show by AMC, Showtime or HBO that way they don't have to rush anything in a 2hr long movie and they can still keep some of the dirty gritty atrocities that would surely be part of that world.

JL4132d ago

First, MGS? You kinda already have MGS movies. Escape from LA and Escape from New York. Those are what inspired the MGS franchise.

I agree about Dead Space, if you're going to do it, make it a psychological horror film. That could be good. I'm not too big on space films, but I'm sure Mass Effect would make a good one.

Alan Wake and GTA would probably suck.

Oblivion and Fallout? Maybe, but they'd probably be pretty "eh". They, like GTA, are just too open to adapt well.

Also, I'd like to say, I actually enjoyed most of the Resident Evil movies. Tomb Raiders I liked for the most part as well. Silent Hill I liked. Hitman and the original Mortal Kombat weren't so bad either. And Prince of Persia wasn't horrible.

Now, some that should be mentioned on this list rather than the ones above (nor do I have any desire to see a Gears or Halo movie either--also Dead Rising is way too generic to adapt into a movie). Myst, I think that could be adapted into a good movie. Ico or Shadow of the Colossus. Uncharted (of course they're working on that). God of War (wait you mentioned that, plus they've been talking about it). Kingdom Hearts, Devil May Cry, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania.

I would put Zelda right up there towards the top though.

Soldierone4132d ago

Not really, since MGS is about the story of the characters not so much what Snake is doing the entire time. Of course anyone not film making wouldn't get that (im not saying you lol)

JL4132d ago

Well I'm not implying that Escape from LA/NY are actual MGS movies. Just it's kind of along the same lines, as it is what Hideo says inspired the games and the Solid Snake character. Of course when you get into story, that's a totally different beast.

Crazay4132d ago

I think Hideo did some serious drugs to come up with some of the weird story intertwining he did with all the characters.

I'd like to see God of War done but it really has to be don correctly - Perhaps someone like Peter Jackson or Neil Blomkamp? Kingdom hearts could be nothing more than a cartoon, Devil May Cry wasn't that good of a series in my opinion and neither is Zelda. Shadow of the Colossus would be sweet though.

There's an ass load of great gaming titles out there that would make for some damn fine movie material but the issue is that too many of them would require huge budgets that Hollywood studios don't have the appetite for based on the admittedly shit results most game to film adaptations have had.

Sunny_D4131d ago

I really don't like the RE films that we have. Plus, I believe there was already a movies based off Dead Rising or before it.

If we were to make a GTA:VC movie, it would be called scarface. It pretty much is GTA.

Soldierone4131d ago

People are also looking at namebrand. There are tons of titles that have great stories and would transfer to film fine. But they dont have the fanbase to do so, which is lame. So we wont see them until video game adaptaions take off, just like comic books. Suddenly everyone becomes a Watchmen fan?

I also like the Resident evil films. They are not amazing, but are fun to watch. Extinction is my favorite in the series.

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Sunny_D4131d ago

Mass effect movie wouldn't get that much attention, because people would compare it to Star Wars and no way, anybody would say it's better than Star Wars. Also, God of War movie will not work.