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5 Reasons It's Okay To Be Excited For More Matrix Movies

From TMP:

I will say this to start...I am a Matrix fan. Not only am I a fan, but I actually like all of the movies. Yes even the third one, which for some reason hating it has become about as popular as blowjobs. Now, with the news of not one - but two - more Matrix films a possibility there seems to be a lot of division on the Internet about it. There are those who are excited about it, and those that want nothing to do with it. I'm of the opinion that more people are excited about it than they let on, so I'm here to try and explain why it's okay to be happy for this news.

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Crazay4133d ago

As popular as blow jobs? Is that even possible? HAHAHAHA!!
I'm also in the minority of people who liked all the movies and am more than a little excites at the prospect of a return.

JL4133d ago

I'm with you. I actually enjoyed all of them as well. Granted the first was probably my favorite of the three, but I still thoroughly enjoyed them all. I'd definitely welcome another installment.

UnSelf4133d ago

i actually memorized all of em

Cat4133d ago

@UnSelf - everyone's lines? Because I'm thinking you, the interwebs, and a speed recitation. With voices. :D

Kalipekona4132d ago

I, too, liked all the movies. I can't wait for more Matrix movies.

Sunny_D4132d ago

Me too. Matrix really inspired the special effects of future movies.

filmmattic4133d ago

Nice rundown. I have to admit that I am highly reluctant to accept another Matrix installment, let alone a second. Generally, I am very dubious of Hollywood's proclivity in rebooting franchises, and inundating us with more sequels. But, as you critically point out, the impetus for a sequel is motivated by the Wachowski Brothers and Keanu Reeves; not Hollywood. Thus, my skepticism is slightly abated.

I am one of the many detractors of Matrix Revolutions. The primary reason is the fact that Matrix was just so friggen epic—a hard film to follow. But you make some compelling arguments for why a continuation of the series could be intriguing, so job well done.

darklordzor4133d ago

Warms my heart to hear such things. :)

Garethvk4133d ago

Its a fake, AICN once again posted a fanboy rumor without checking facts. Many sites have confirmed its a fake, no meeting took place, no script etc. They post garbage like this to get traffic and people talking about them. Shoddy journalism.

darklordzor4133d ago

Hmmm...Bah! I just read that news myself. I have to say, I'm saddened. I was really hoping for this one (Obviously). Oh well, I guess this article now becomes an ode to what might have been, or reasons why it should come back. Damn....

Garethvk4133d ago

I know Harry at AICN and he does not even run the site often. He is mainly the face of it. Planet AVP had a fan who was so upset that AICN was not giving any love to the AVP Movie pre release so they kept sending him garbage news they made up under the guise of being an insider. AICN ran it as fact every time, and the poster in time announced he made it up to show how they have no fact check system and will post anything.

darklordzor4133d ago

Well, I was really starting to get excited for this. Who knows, maybe after all this rumor, it might spark something in the filmmakers. I doubt it, but one can hope.

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