New BlackBeard Pic from Pirates 4

From Mania

A month after showing off the characters in the first teaser trailer for their 3D adventure Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Walt Disney Pictures has given fans a closer look with some new official screenshots. As you'll see below, one of them shows an up close and personal shot of Ian McShane playing the famed pirate Blackbeard.

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Crazay4271d ago

I love this series - The background looks pretty sweet. I wonder if this scene takes place on his boat.

JL4270d ago

That background does look pretty good. Given the details and his posture/stance and all (like he's king of the world there) I would say that is his boat. Makes me curious to see what the rest of his boat looks like.

Crazay4270d ago

Me thinks it's shaping up to be a good ...yet ....expensive summer.

MrMyers4270d ago

why is barbosa wearing a british naval uniform in one of those pics?