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Mortal Kombat Series Announced

WB has confirmed the live-action digital series of Mortal Kombat. You won’t get the series for free on youtube as most fans thought it would be. Instead it will be available to online digital retailers like and iTunes for a small fee.

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Quagmire4132d ago

As long as Michael Jai White's in it, then im happy.

Crazay4132d ago

You know something, that little teaser/test they performed with the original video was really good and intriguing. I'd be all over this if they can maintain the same feel and look.

Sunny_D4131d ago

Me too. I really hope, they have a lot of action and STORY in the new ones this time and not just flash and bang.

ZeroTolerance4132d ago

This needs to happen, I am running out of shows to keep up with and being a huge MK fan this sounds like a dream come true!

Soldierone4132d ago

Hmmm TV shows seem to be going more big budget now. I like the little teaser they made, but can they keep that "feel" for an entire series is the question. You cant make the entire show like that or it will get annoying and lose the appeal, but with MK this should be easy.

I think its a lot better suited for a series than a feature film.

koehler834131d ago

I'm not sure they can keep the same feel and atmosphere on television.

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