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NBC Orders David E. Kelley’s Wonder Woman To Pilot

AICN Says:

GE’s NBC didn’t like David E. Kelley’s “Wonder Woman” project earlier this month, but Comcast’s NBC just ordered it to pilot.

Based on the iconic DC Comics superheroine, Kelley’s potential series has Diana Prince as a costumed crime fighter by night and a successful Los Angeles corporate executive by day. Elements carried over from the comics include Diana's lasso of truth, her bullet-deflecting bracelets and her plane.

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Crazay4783d ago

I'm not so sure this is such a great idea in the least bit. I'm not what you could call "a fan" of the man's work. If the appetite is to bring Wonder Woman to series, then they should probably get someone whose got more to their career aside from crappy quasi-dramedy shows.

Soldierone4783d ago

This is a test to see how he does. I agree but if its true then we will here of a director change midway through. Either way this show is gurenteed at least one good season.

Crazay4783d ago

Guaranteed? I dunno about that. Bionic Woman probably should have done better than it did and it didn't last a full season if I recall correctly.

If this actually goes through, then I suspect he'll go with the more recent "update" of the character in the fancy pants suit which would no doubt turn many comic nerds away.

darklordzor4782d ago

I definitely wouldn't go that far to say it's guaranteed at least one good season. There are plenty of shows people get excited for, that only last about 3-4 episodes.

At most I see big numbers for the first episode or 2, but if the story isn't hitting the right stride, Wonder Woman isn't a big enough property for non-fanboys to care about. It's going to have to work with the fans or it will die. I don't see it striking a chord with more audience than that.

Soldierone4782d ago

Yeah but look at other aspects of it. Yeah it is Wonder Woman, thats already big, but other things. Its also a WB character, and WB is trying to make the Justice League. They won't allow a TV series to hamper their efforts at a JL film and ruin their franchise. WB is extremely reliant on their namebrand Superheroes now that Harry Potter is done.

The only way this will be absolutely terrible is if the director is that bad, and this "test" will figure that out. And the only way this series will bomb is if its absolutely terrible. Or if its on FOX lol


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