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New 'Spider-Man' Reboot Photo With Mask & Web-Shooter Closeups


All this week we've seen photos and footage from the Los Angeles set of Sony's upcoming reboot of the "Spider-Man" movie franchise. And while it's always fun to analyze blurry, occasionally confusing shots of the film and its web-slinging hero in action, it's even better when we get a nice, clean shot of the ol' wall-crawler to scrutinize.

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Crazay4266d ago

I sure hope the red in the eyes is just a reflection/lighting thing.

Sunny_D4265d ago

Lol. But, I really hope that isn't the final product. Spider man wasn't completelt skinny at all. He had atleast a bit of lean muscle. I hope that he gets beefed up just before.

Crazay4265d ago

You're right Sunny - He was a slender fella but he was pretty cut and has some lean muscle mass. I get why everyone is pissed with the look of his overall form. This movie was almost "fast tracked" and it seems to me that they moved really fast from the announcement of who would be playing Peter Parker to actually filming which wouldn't really give him much time to train like an animal to build some of that mass.

I think we might be surprised with the final product but I really hate the red eyes. Someone was saying they hoped the eyes were from his wrestling days and that does make some sense especially since we see him chasing down a car.

Something tells me this scene is from early on when Uncle Ben dies.

pwneddemocrat4266d ago

his body looks way too stupid to be spidey

xino4265d ago

saying that proves you don't know Spiderman!

because Spiderman had always been portrayed skinny!

this guy fits it!

but I don't get this costume, I hope it's the costume he uses when he went for wrestling, because I hate the red eyes:/

GiantJedi4265d ago

Wow that looks horrible

Crazay4265d ago

I dunno Jedi. I think the costume looks alright it's just the eyes that are throwing me for a loop. Hopefully Sony will let the cat out of the bag and give us a proper full high res image sooner than later.

GiantJedi4265d ago

I don't know why they don't stick the the original costume.

tunaks14265d ago

wow, first the new xmen and now this!

This looks atrocious

Qbanj694265d ago

Wait they are rebooting SM? What? What's wrong with the trilogy? Those movies were awesome.

Crazay4265d ago

This is a total reboot.

xino4265d ago

the sam's version were good HOWEVER
*it added too much reality to the movies
*everything was moving way too fast and drifting away from comic: from school to jobs, losing jobs, getting married, moving out of the house. It's crazy man!
*Peter Parker portrayed wrongly- he's too low self esteem, doesn't act geeky, just a shy person who can't speak for sh*. Spiderman ego is not even funny, too much seriousness

And Spiderman 3 ruined the whole movie!
*The story was changed, it was Sandman that NOW killed Uncle ben...WTF?
*Harry dies
*4 villains- trash fighting! No main focus just a mess

I'm glad for this reboot because I really hate the way Tobey plays Peter and how reality was blended too much in the movie. It doesn't feel fiction.

Sunny_D4265d ago

I agree 3 sucked balls. Let's also not forget EMO Spider man. shivers* Part 2 was the best

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The story is too old to be commented.