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Movie Duel: Dark Knight Rises Vs. Spider-Man Reboot

NERDSociety writes "July, 2012 is going to be an epic year for comic and movie nerds with Dark Knight Rises (July 20, 2012) and Spider-Man (July 3, 2012) reboot coming out within 3 weeks of each other. This will be a crazy battle: Marvel vs. DC, Sony vs WB, who will be the blockbuster king? I know I'll watch both but which movie is going to be better? Let's look at the important factors:

This is the most important factor. Directors can make or break a movie. Christopher Nolan is on his third gig as the director for Batman with Dark Knight Rises. His track record is pretty impressive, which includes Inception, Memento and Prestige."

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Sunny_D4132d ago

If Nolan can keep up his great directing like his other movies, then no doubt DKR will be way better than the Spider man reboot.

JL4132d ago

Agreed. And I have faith Nolan will. I'm FAR more excited for DKR than I am the Spider-Man reboot.

Crazay4132d ago

I don't know which movie I'm looking forward to seeing more. On one hand, I love Spider-Man but just don't think I want to sit through ANOTHER origin story showing us all Parkers baggage.

On the other hand, I love Nolan and his vision as a movie maker but the casting of Hathaway has left a bad taste in my mouth and I'm not totally sold on the announced villians in the movie, unless, Nolan really plans to end this trilogy with a bang and actually has Batman defeated by Bane.

Could you image the shockwaves we're see if he were to actually have the good guy lose? DAMN that would be awesome to see.

Sunny_D4132d ago

Well, I think the way TDK ended was awesome. The way Batman failed to save Harvey and was unable to bring him back and also became the villain of Gotham that the Police chased after was really different.

JL4132d ago

I agree about the Bane comment Crazay. If Nolan goes with the story of having Bane defeat Batman, break his back and all...that would be a really awesome movie I bet.

Soldierone4132d ago

I love Nolan, but Im a spiderman fan and have already started saying Spiderman will be better haha.

LtSkittles4132d ago

Well, doesn't Spiderman(2012, or whatever) have a great cast already? I think if you're gonna compare movies though you'd have to compare Spiderman(2012) to Batman Begins, because the new Spiderman is a reboot, and DKR is the third movie in a trilogy.

LtSkittles4132d ago

I'm stil having issues finding that Anne Hathaway will play Catwoman. I think, that Selina is just in there for the sake of having Rachel being dead, and I don't know how'll they'll introduce her as just Selina, but I doubt Catwoman is in it. Yeah, they poked fun at it in TDK Bruce Wayne: How will it hold up against dogs?
Lucius Fox: "We talking Rottweilers or Chihuahuas? Should do fine against cats." Honestly, I did doubt Nolan, but I'm sure He'll do good, I doubted Heath Ledger, but that's a whole different story, and I'm sure he'll prove anyone who has any doubts wrong.

TheGreat_14132d ago

I'm more of a Spider-man fan but damn did Nolan do the most awesome comic-book character to movie adaption ever with TDK. I agree with Crazay about watching yet another Spider-Man movie about the origin.

They should realize, although this is a reboot, everyone who's going to be watching the movie already knows the origin, if not just show a quick comic book like montage as the credits roll to get everyone up to speed and jump right into a story. I'd love a dark-themed Spider-Man movie about Carnage like TDK's dark theme with Joker.

Oh well, I can dream can't I?