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TRON 3 Green Lit: Teaser Trailer on DVD & Blu-Ray

A rumor has it that not only has a third TRON movie been given the greenlight by Disney, but they plan on including a teaser trailer for it on the upcoming blu-ray released of TRON: Legacy.

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Soldierone3897d ago

So soon too? Hopefully they listen to those of us that thought the current one was boring. Less dialogue, more story.

Quagmire3897d ago

Im guessing it could be something similar to that of an end-of-credits scene, which ties in to the next film.

Im keen for anything tron, bring it ON!

Crazay3897d ago

They're also prepping a new cartoon series for the Tron-verse to bridge Tron 2 and Tron 3.