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Beam Us Up Into 3D, Will Ya?

Paramount has asked Director J.J. Abrams to film Star Trek 2 in 3D. However this would interfere with the way Abrams has filmed in the past.

Is there a line between a director choosing to film 3D and a studio asking a director to?

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Soldierone4134d ago

I love JJ Abrams but even he couldnt make Star Trek interesting for me.

This also shows why i dont like 3D, its ruining film making. If he doesnt want it, then dont force him to do it. A movie should be able to be fine without it.

Sunny_D4132d ago (Edited 4132d ago )

I am with you. Directors now are focusing on 3d so much, that every commercial for movies is about them being in 3d. This also changes the way they capture scenes now. Before, they would have normal punches when 2 guys in a movie are fighting each other. But to take advantage of the 3d they put emphasis on the punch and make the actor punch towards the screen to get that popping effect.