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'Black Panther' Back in Development at Marvel

Heat Vision:

Black Panther is back in development at Marvel Studios.

The company has hired Mark Bailey, who hails from the documentary film world, to pen a take on the character, the king of a resource-rich fictional African country who becomes a super hero. Marvel's Kevin Feige is producing.

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Sunny_D4140d ago

Black Panther seems like a good movie to make. I mean, it's cool that they are going after lesser known Marvel characters instead of the usual.

ABizzel14139d ago

It's good for comic fans, but the general public don't know who Black Panther is, and could care less.

It's going to have to be an amazing movie on the level of The Dark Knight, and even then it won't get the same success, because Black Panther isn't a well known comic book hero among the general public.

Crazay4139d ago

i do know of the character but must admit that I never paid much attention to him. It will be pretty nice to see a different character that I have little knowledge of.