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'The Walking Dead' Cast Talk Season 2, The Governor, And Michonne


There's still no official word on when "The Walking Dead" will return to television, but that hasn't stopped us from wondering what's in store for Rick Grimes, his family, and their ragtag band of survivors when the hit series is back for its second season.

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Crazay4145d ago

I can't freaking wait for Season 2 - Seeing Michonne in action would be awesome and so would the Governor but I kinda hope they don't get to him until the end of the season to lead into Season 3 since that's a part of the story you really don't want them to rush through.

saladthieves4144d ago

6 episodes and this show is already the love of my life.

JL4144d ago

Definitely eager to see season 2 as well. Usually my TV watching consists of sitcoms/comedy, with the few exceptions (Lie to Me and sports stuff), but Walking Dead definitely sucked me in.