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New Scream 4 Trailer Stalks In


With Ghostface set to slash his/her way back into theaters in three months, Dimension Films and Apple iTunes Trailers have unleashed the full-length trailer for Scream 4.

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Crazay4267d ago

I saw this trailer last night on the BluRay release of Piranhas and thought that it looked pretty sweet. I'm excited that Wes Craven and Kevin Williamson are back on this project together.

MastaMold4267d ago

This movie looks wack and I did like Scream 1 & 2, Scream 3 sucked

ABizzel14266d ago

I saw the poster for it, and shook my head.

But this trailer actually looks like it's moving back to the original.


The first one was the only good one to me.

Part 2 was alright, but part 3 sucked.

darklordzor4267d ago

I'm still pretty excited for this movie, but I'm not sold on the trailer. It makes it seem way to generic with too many references to the other films. It makes it seem like it's thte exact same movie and nothing's changed...which isn't the best thing right now. I am still looking forward to it, but I don't think this was the best trailer.

Crazay4267d ago

Agreed - but I think now that Williamson has had plenty of time off (he was in super high demand and probably got burned out)we should get a good smart movie like the original one and to a lesser degree the 2nd. Add Craven to the mix and I think we're back in business.

Sunny_D4267d ago

Meh is what I thought. It's the usual garbage teen horror flick that comes out now a days. Like Piranhas, Final Destination 3d, and Step Dad. These movies use cheap scares and sexual scenes to sell. But, have zero substance for them.

solidsnake2224267d ago

Made me flashback to Scary Movie 1 a lot, which I just watched last Saturday. lol

Double_O_Revan4266d ago

the Scream movies were my favorite slasher movies growing up, next to the first 2 Halloweens. hoping this should be at least entertaining. Thought Scream 3 ended on a good note, was upset when I heard they were making a 4th. but the preview looks alright.

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