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Amazon to Acquire LOVEFiLM

If you know what Netflix is then you understand what LOVEFiLM is. Basically, LOVEFiLM is the European equivalent to our Netflix here. Today, Amazon announced they will be acquiring the remaining shares of the company for which they already own shares. LOVEFiLM and Amazon have been partnering since 2008 in the DVD rental market and now the partnership looks to extend further as the Amazon acquires the company and seeks to help expand LOVEFiLM’s reach and service in Europe.

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Soldierone4145d ago

Its weird. Amazon is a great company, and I knew they would expand eventually but the way they have i didnt expect. I love film, I have ap assion for it, and Amazon is probably my most favorite company. Who would of thought the two would combine? First they open a studio, then this. I also noticed they are expanding their on demand service also, sooner or later that will hit consoles.

I wouldnt be suprised if theyo ffered netflix or a similar service here.

i just always expected them to expand retail wise, but this is much better!

JL4145d ago

It is indeed weird in a sense that this is the way they're expanding. I didn't really see it coming, but they've definitely taken an interest in expanding into the movie market.

As for Netflix though, I really don't see anybody competing with them in the realm of movie rental by subscriptions/mail. I can see Redbox maintaining a good presence for non-membership rentals, but Redbox is taking over (even from brick and mortar stores) the whole membership rentals arena. I just don't see Amazon able to bring in a similar service and do much. However, they could possibly team with Netflix in a way, not sure how that would go and what Amazon could really bring to the table in order to entice Netflix into a partnership.

Sunny_D4145d ago

Who knows, maybe Amazon will expand into the game market and thus be similar to gamefly? Oh wait, wrong site, lol/