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Never Hand Hollywood a Lethal Weapon

Filmmattic writes: A host of online news publications reported today (including my go-to site Slashfilm) that the collective brainchild of director Richard Donner and writer Shane Black, Lethal Weapon, will be...prepare to gasp....rebooted. If your tastes for film are remotely similar to mine, then the audacity of Warner Bros. to reboot a classically unique— in my opinion, iconic film franchise—is laughably appalling.

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Crazay4138d ago

Reamking/rebooting Lethal Weapon is a garbage idea UNLESS, Danny Glover and Mel Gibson are in the next movie and I don't mean to "pass the torch".

filmmattic4138d ago

Exactly. The success of the franchise is contingent upon their inclusion in the film whether it is a reboot or a remake. I understand that a reboot is meant to provide a different spin on the existing brand, but my contention is that rebooting a well-known, standalone franchise like Lethal Weapon is utterly stupid—esp. if you do not include the two main players that MADE that franchise so vibrant and interesting.

If it were a superhero franchise or more broadly defined pre-existing storyline (like you see in most superhero films), then a reboot could work. But Lethal Weapon is a story that is 100% synonymous with these two actors. Therefore, you have to drop the name, if you are going to drop the two primary actors (in this case, I believe Gibson even refuses to do a fifth film).

Crazay4138d ago

I think you're right about Gibson - The last thing his tarnished image needs right now is acting out all wild eyed like Riggs is so well known for.

I thought that having Chris Rock in the last one was to pass the torch in the 1st place (?). At any rate, this would be a bad move with Gibson, Glover and let's not forget Pesci. That guy was hilarious in the movies.

darklordzor4138d ago

I don't know, I think this could be interesting to see a fresh take on the idea. While I love the first movies, I can't say bringing Glover and Gibson back would be the best idea. I'm not sold on it, but I think I'm willing to give this one a shot.

Crazay4138d ago

I give almost everything a chance, but the name means nothing without the original characters. Like film said, if it was a superhero movie then it's easy to overlook.

Soldierone4138d ago

I think if Gibson wants to make a comeback as bad as he says, this is where its at. They should bring him back and put money back into his name. Why? Simply because Lethal Weapon would get the money too and then you have an actor with namebrand again. Then again i believe its WB so they dont really need money to begin with.