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Sacha Baron Cohen To Adapt A Book (Possibly) Written By Saddam Hussein For The Big Screen

Merrick from Aint it Cool News Says:

A long time ago I received an e-mail, authored in character, as someone I strongly believe was Sacha Baron Cohen. A software crash obliterated that message (and a wonderfully funny note it was), and I was never able to follow-up. In all the years I've been doing work like this, 'tis easily my most haunting an aggravating experience. I truly adore and respect Cohen's body of work on the whole, and feel we haven't even come close to seeing all he has to offer.

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Soldierone4268d ago

I didnt like Borat at all, thought it was dumb and all kinds of other not nice names. Then you combine that with a guy that shouldnt be in the media or have his name go down in history at all (sadaam) and I wont be seeing this.

Not only that but imagine how many protests and all the media this is going to stir up. All for maybe decent sales at best.

JL4268d ago

I actually liked Borat. I thought it was funny as hell. Of course, I'm the type that enjoys that controversial/offensive stuff. With some of my favorite comedians being people like Daniel Tosh, Ricky Gervais, George Carlin, etc I guess that goes without saying. So something like Borat just plays to my type of humor. Though I didn't care for his other movies or characters. I'll have to actually see a trailer before I make judgment on this.

And of course it's going to stir up the media and "protests". That's kinda the point to a degree of confrontational comedians like this. Plus, people are just so uptight these days, so it doesn't take much.

Crazay4268d ago

I thought Borat was hilarious. I'm also a big fan of stupid comedy that gets people going and no one does it better than Cohen so there's no question he's doing this to mess with people.

JL4267d ago

Yea. If something is sure to get under people's skin and cause on uproar and is just intentionally stupid, chances are that's right down my alley. With the whole Borat team getting back together for this one..could be good.

I will say I'm not a fan of all Cohen's work though. For instance, Bruno....didn't like that at all.

Crazay4263d ago

I never saw all of Bruno. I've seen clips here and there and I chuckled but was never compelled to go out of my way to catch the whole thing.