Leonardo DiCaprio Freaks Out

Filmmattic writes: To those of you who are fans of Leonardo DiCaprio's work, I implore you to devote your next five minutes to this montage. You will undoubtedly appreciate it. I promise.

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Whoooop3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )


He has whined and screamed a lot in movies, but he has come a long f*cking way.

I also want to note that Revolutionary Road is a pretty good movie and it holds 2 amazing performances from both Leo and Kate. This movie had some nominations, but it felt like it was swept under the carpet.

JL3900d ago

I'd say he's matured sure, but I wouldn't say came a long way in the sense that he's come from being a crap actor to a powerhouse. He's always been good. He might have a couple questionable film choices, but he's always been good. He has developed though (as is only natural) with age.

I've yet to see Revolutionary Road, but pretty much all of his movies I've enjoyed. Well, I hate Titanic. And Critters?! HAHAHA

Whoooop3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

I didn't say he was crap... He sure did some good acting when he was young.

It was in the middle where it felt like he got a bit lost in all that "hot young actor" crap and most of us lost sight of his raw talent.

Then after The Beach (which I truly enjoyed until it went kind of nuts nearing the end) he matured to a point where you could see his confidence and real talent as an adult.

That's when he really unleashed his brilliance.

Oh and of course you hate Titanic you're Cameron hater... ;)

JL3900d ago

lol I didn't mean to imply that you were saying he was crap. I was just differentiating between the two possible interpretations of "came a long way".

Like I said, he's had a few questionable movies, but even those I tended to like. Even while he was in the middle of that "pretty boy" stage, he still managed to put out some fine performances.

Quick and the Dead (I kinda like it) but that was a "hot young actor" type role. But right after that he puts out The Basketball Diaries which was a very fine performance.

Romeo and Juliet (he still did good in that too) but that was a hot young actor role. Right after that, Marvin's Room.

The Beach, I actually like where it went kind of nuts towards the end. I think that's where he shined the most. I really do like that movie too.

I'll say in his latter years he seems to have become more consistent (or maybe that's just in role choices) and definitely more mature in his craft. I still think though that some of his finest performances to date are some of his earlier roles. I'll put Gilbert Grape up there with any of his performances, even The Aviator.

And yes, I hate Cameron lol I just can't stand how overrated the guy and most of his movies are. Honestly though, Cameron or not, I found Titanic to be a boring pile of crap. I still to this day do not understand why Titanic is praised so highly while Pearl Harbor is panned so harshly. I hated both equally, but they're both practically the same movie to me, with Titanic maybe having a bit more air of "elegance" than Pearl Harbor.

But, I won't get started on all that Cameron stuff again lol

Crazay3899d ago (Edited 3899d ago )

Was he in Critters? That movie was great!

I gotta say that I'm more than a little shocked to find other people besides myself and my wife who actually enjoyed The Beach. I liked the idea of that "Utopian Society" they had going there and still laugh my ass off every time they show him in the jungle pretending he's in a videogame.

JL, Cameron has contributed some pretty incredible things to Hollywood. I'm a fan and am surprised to see you so hateful on the man that gave us Aliens, Terminator (more importantly T2) and Avatar.

JL3899d ago

He was in Critters 3 (much worse than the first Critters). But yes, I thoroughly enjoyed The Beach. It was something that I didn't even know about, just happened across one day and turned out to be one of those hidden gems so to speak. Kinda like that day I found Travolta's A Love Song for Bobby Long.

And here's the thing. Those movies you listed of Cameron's: I don't care for them so much and none would even come close to ranking in even my Top 100 favorite movies of all time. Aliens? Never got into that franchise. Just didn't see the appeal really. Terminator? It was cool to look at as a kid and mildly entertaining, but beyond being a kid I don't care for it at all. Doesn't help either that it has Arnold in it (I LOATHE that guy). And Avatar? Again, pretty to look at, but that's it. This is why I say as a producer and a special effects guy he's real good, but as a writer/director: crap.

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Whoooop3900d ago


Yeah, it would be exhausting to go over that again. I admire Cameron movies as great experiences, not as finely made films.

He is far from a first class director, but I always get sucked in by his creations.

About Leo... He just went through a process where he was knowing himself and testing his talent... The Beach was his lift-up imo.

JL3900d ago

Cameron movies I will admit can be fun sometimes. For instance, Avatar, I didn't hate it, I enjoyed it well enough (like I do any of his movies that I do enjoy--on a very superficial level). Just thought it was highly overrated and didn't deserve such a title as highest-grossing movie of all-time and the prestige that comes with that. As a producer he's very good. As a writer and director he's VERY lacking. I'll leave it at that. lol

Back to Leo though, I agree. That's what I was simply trying to state earlier. That I never thought his talent ever waned or that he wasn't good to start (or even as good as he is now), he just went through a maturing stage that was simply the result of going from being a kid to an adult. The same "indentity" stage we all go through in those early years of transitioning to adulthood.

I agree that The Beach was probably his pushing off point from that previous "testing/indentity/transi tional" phase. Or maybe the cusp of it, then Gangs of New York was where he became the matured thespian that we know today that had truly honed his craft.

Crazay3899d ago

I think Leo is a damn fine actor and rank him quite high on my list of actors whose projects I look forward to seeing. I still think that Gangs of New York and The BasketBall diaries are his 2 best performances.

Sunny_D3899d ago

I agree, My first time seeing him was in the movie What's eating Gilbert Grapes. I was more focused on how Johnny Depp was developing and didn't think much of Leo's role. But, as I saw from that movie, I knew he could act. He wasn't anything special to me in Titanic, but as I started watching his other movies that's when I realized his talent.

filmmattic3900d ago

I agree. DiCaprio has matured so much as an actor. He has reached that point of iconic adulation—which the Golden Age of Hollywood reserved only for the larger than life stars like Humphrey Bogart and Cary Grant. He is a modern example of that "golden class;" a uniquely charismatic quality.

I was not always a Leo fan. I used to think he was a pretentious, insignificantly talented pretty boy. But over the years, he has earned my respect. His performances in Aviator, Blood Diamond, The Departed, Shutter Island, Inception and some others I am not thinking of all impressed me.

I am embarrassed to say I have not seen Revolutionary Road (it's one of the few Leo films I have not seen). I'll take your word for it and throw it on my Netflix queue. Thanks for the suggestion.

JL3900d ago

See, I've always seen him as talented. From almost the moment he got into feature films he's been impressing. Granted he had one or two before this but: This Boy's Life and What's Eating Gilbert Grape, he showed great talent and acting ability. I've been a fan ever since.

He'll definitely go down as one of the greatest of our generation.

Whoooop3900d ago

I also felt the same way about Leo when he made Titanic and The Beach. But after The Beach, his career sky-rocketed.

He started to be selective about scripts and directors, and he also took his acting to a whole new level.

About Rev. Road... It isn't exactly the most attractive or appealing movie to be honest and the plot is not one that would normally get a lot of buzz, but the movie is good.

Their performances are reason enough to give it shot.

filmmattic3900d ago


Your absolutely right. Some of Leo's early performances gave us a glimpse into the enormity of his talent. What's Eating Gilbert Grape illustrated his immense range and depth of emotional discovery. Some of his early TV work was also prescient. I remember watching re-runs of Growing Pains and thinking this kid's got real chops.


I'm on the same wavelength with you here. Once Leo "made it" in Hollywood following Titanic, his recognition reached an unsustainable level. I think this extreme popularity that was thrust upon him so early in his career affected his immediate performances post-Titanic. I was not a big fan of The Beach (surprising because I really like Danny Boyle's work). Once Leo firmly transitioned into the "adult" realm of acting, his refined abilities rose to the fore. This is the period when I started to categorically respect his work beginning in movies, such as Gangs of New York, Catch Me If You Can and continuing through today. I also think Leo smartly embraces his long running "A-List" status, but he does not allow this meteoric recognition factor to disrupt or interfere with his performances.

Whoooop3900d ago (Edited 3900d ago )

I agree...

I think I will shed a tear the day he gets his deserving Oscar. Let's see if Edgar Hoover is his ticket to it.

Also... Has there been any more rumours about DiCaprio doing Sinatra?

It's all hearsay at this point, but maybe there has been some news on the movie.

...Last Bubble

JL3900d ago

Leo not already having an Oscar is something of a travesty really. That and bad luck. The Aviator shouldn't netted him his first, but unfortunately for him that was the same year Jamie Foxx turned in a phenomenal performance as Ray Charles. I think they got that one right, but it just sucks for Leo cause his performance was Oscar worthy as well.

He should at least have a Supporting Actor one at this point though. I'm sorry, but there's no way I would've given Tommy Lee Jones the Oscar over Leo's Gilbert Grape role in back in '93.

He definitely needs an Oscar though. And to boot, he should definitely be in line to get a Lifetime Achievement Award later on down the line.

As for Sinatra, last I heard about that was early last year sometime. I know there were rumors about DiCaprio doing it, but he came out at one point and debunked that saying he had no intentions at the time to play the role.

The absolute last thing I heard (that I remember) is him saying he wanted Al Pacino to do it. Of course the idea behind the movie is to do different stages of Sinatra's life so there's the possibility of multiple actors playing him in the one movie.

And here, have another bubble (one to Matt too). Yea, I got the magic like that lol

filmmattic3900d ago

Yeah, Leo's Best Actor Oscar is long overdue in my opinion. But it is also inevitable just as we've seen with Scorsese's Best Director Award for The Departed—almost like a Lifetime Achievement type honor.

The Hoover film is definitely the type of film that can test an actor's mettle and I am confident that a Nomination could follow. That movie should also be awesome and the cast is coming together nicely.

According to this link: DiCaprio has been officially tapped by Scorsese to play Sinatra. If this information is true, then DiCaprio will have another robust shot at getting that Best Actor Oscar. Sinatra is such a compelling figure and one of those old time personalities that most admire despite not knowing much about him. This will also be a movie I'm going to be all over because Sinatra is such a cool ass dude and I love Marty's work. Him and Leo are quite the potent duo.

Lol, sorry that it's your last bubble. But good conversation!

JL3900d ago

Hmm, you're right. Seems he is on board, upon actually investigating it. I never heard about that. I guess maybe because there's still a chance the film won't be made.

filmmattic3900d ago

@ JL

Thanks my man for the extra bubble! Lol you got the Midas Touch.

I am glad all three of us agree because I still feel like there is a large faction of DiCaprio detractors. If you judge him fairly by his merits, there is no way you can question his ability. It took John Wayne an entire career to win his first and only Oscar for Best Actor for True Grit. Let's hope Leo will get his before his final role.

JL3900d ago

No problem.

Don't get me started on John Wayne though. I have this argument with my dad on a regular basis pretty much. lol

In short, I think Wayne is a crap actor who is about as one dimensional as they come. Icon? Legend? Absolutely. Good actor? Nope. He is one of those that just does real good playing certain roles that fit him as he goes out there and pretty much was himself. I think one of the biggest qualities for determining if someone is a truly great actor is range. Wayne had none. Though I will never try to take away from his role as an icon or that he was good at what he did.

In that sense, he's like somebody like Sylvester Stallone or something. Not a great actor by any stretch of the imagination. No range whatsoever. But if you find a role that truly fits him (rather than a role that he has to fit) then he can make it fairly enjoyable.

And yea, DiCaprio is surely inevitable to win an Oscar sooner or later. Just seems a waste almost when you look back over his career and all the amazing performances he's turned in and realize that none of them were awarded by the Academy. He'll have his day though. He still has a long career ahead of him.

filmmattic3900d ago

John Wayne is an American pastime. He was the foremost American movie star and gained widespread recognition across the Globe (one of the first and most lasting); if you ask a person in China to name a famous American actor, the first name they'll tell you is John Wayne.

It is virtually impossible to possess the extreme depth of talent necessary to justify such a larger than life image. Therefore, I agree with your premise that Wayne is not an extremely gifted actor in the conventional sense of guaging 'true talent.' As you articulate, he was quite one dimensional and did not really ever exhibit an ownership of range. But Wayne was stupendous in his specific kind of niche role; the classic western or the war hero story. Stagecoach, The Searchers and Rio Bravo are just three special examples of why I respect Wayne's contribution to film, and why so many adore him. He is without question an American Icon.

@ Soldier one

Haha yes the video was funny.

@ bolland123

I completely agree with you.

Crazay3899d ago

I find John Wayne flicks to be completely unwatchable. Partly because I can't stand Westerns and another thing that bugs me is exactly what JL said. He's one dimensional (so is Will Farrell) and I just find his characters to be all the same thing.

JL3899d ago

I don't want it to sound like I'm bagging on the guy necessarily. Just I don't think he was a great actor by any stretch of the imagination. I would never attempt to say he's not absolutely an icon and a legend though.

And I do enjoy plenty of his movies. Of course that was in part because yes he did do well in his niche role, playing roles that were him pretty much being himself on-screen. Also partly because all the well written and good westerns brought him in just because he was John Wayne. There is a limit however to how much Wayne I can take in a given period of time. Because he is in fact pretty much the same guy/character in every movie.

Soldierone3900d ago

Ill admit Im becoming a pretty big fan of him. I didnt realize how many great films he did as a kid, he was still talented at the time. He is maturing like stated, but you can really tell he was gonna go somewhere just by watching his old films.

This video was pretty funny though.

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