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Studios Set Super Bowl Ads; 'Pirates,' 'Transformers,' 'Captain America'

THR breaks down the list of confirmed movie trailers/commercials that are set to air during this year's Super Bowl.

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Crazay4135d ago

The one and only time anyone actually wants to watch commercials. I'm looking forward to seeing Captain America in action. Hopefully they aren't just teasers.

JL4135d ago

In fact, it's probably the bigger reason I even watch the game lol. Granted I enjoy watching the game, but I don't keep up with NFL (MUCH more a college football guy), thus I have no real vested interest in the game itself as I haven't kept up with the teams over the season. I bet the commercials alone bring in like half the viewership for the game.

Soldierone4134d ago

Too bad they have been getting a bad rep for the past two seasons. I noticed its becoming more of a "look at this big announcement trailer" than "look at our funny commercials" lately.

I hope there is a hockey game on that day lol.

Sunny_D4134d ago

I think the best commercials were back in 08 if I'm correct. The ones with the Miller light guy was funny as hell. I watched that game for the commercials. Lol

Soldierone4135d ago

Ill just catch them online the day before. The games have sucked, NFL seems to be more about everything going on around the actual sport now a days. The commercials made me laugh like once or twice last year. So unless i have absolutely nothing to do, i wont be watching.

Pirates is gonna be awesome though!

JL4135d ago

Agree, can't wait to see the Pirates trailer. It's going to awesome getting to see Jack Sparrow back.

Sunny_D4134d ago

Yeah, I'm really excited to see Jack back in action. I love the Pirates trilogy, so I'm hoping this one isn't just a milked version. But, I'm most excited to see the Captain America movie for the first time. I want to see how well they represent the Super Soldier.