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Top 5 Better Choices for Catwoman Than Anne Hathaway

We all know that Nolan’s Batman movies have been great. Many people doubted that Heath Ledger would be a good Joker, but now we look back on his performance as the definitive version of Batman’s ultimate nemesis. Is it fair then to doubt Nolan can pull the same trick and suprise us all? We’ll need to wait and see, but whoever should be able to channel the demure shyness and the raw sexually that Michelle Pfeifer brought to the role in her seminal performance in Batman Returns. A mature actress with emotional range is key for this role in the opinion of so here’s 5 actresses who could fill the role better than the jumbo-mouthed Hathaway.

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darklordzor4139d ago

I don't know, I actually really like Anne Hathaway for this role. She's got plenty of talent (doing a wide range of roles) and on top of that she's undeniably sexy. She could pull this off. Besides...Nolan knows what he's doing.

JL4139d ago

Yea. I always trust Nolan. I'm not crazy about the inclusion of Catwoman (if she is in fact going to appear as Catwoman, I think I've made my point on that clear by now), but Nolan is Nolan. And Nolan is a genius. Until he fails me, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt always.

Val1s4139d ago

I agree Nolan can make it work if anyone can and I think Hardy's a great choice. Hathaway's just too girly and smiley for me, there's no edge or smolder to her acting.

Crazay4139d ago

You're right - too much of the wholesome "girl next door" thing going on there.

Sunny_D4137d ago

Nolan hasn't made a terrible movie with a terrible cast yet. If he thinks that Anne Hathaway is a good pick, then I 'll trust him.

LtSkittles4139d ago

It didn't say "Anne Hathaway as Catwoman," it said "Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle." Yes, I'm aware Selina Kyle is Catwoman, but the thing is it also said "Tom Hardy as Bane," which is why I'm doubting she is going to playing Catwoman at all. Yes, Bane doesn't have an alter-ego, but I'd be even more convinced if it said "Anne Hathaway as Selina Kyle/Catwoman," and if it said "Christian Bale as Batman," that'd be different, because it's already been established in the first film he was both Batman, and Bruce Wayne. That's my opinion on this.

JL4139d ago

I'm right there with you. The complete avoidance of using the name "Catwoman" sends up red flags for me. Even when they mention Christian Bale in that press release it says he's "reprising his role as Bruce Wayne/Batman".

LtSkittles4139d ago

Oh I didn't know that about Bale, but it still makes sense.

Soldierone4139d ago

To be honest this just makes things ten times worse for me. I don't like her acting, and personally to me she is no fun to look at like everyone else. The only reason she'd be watchable to people like me is if she is barely in the movie or is in leather tights with tons of makeup and a mask hiding her face.

This to me just says "well guess what she wont be looking sexy, she is gonna actually be in the movie!" yay....

dweavis4139d ago

My pick would have been for Michelle Monaghan. Her slender build and feline like eyes would have been puurrrrfect!

Soldierone4139d ago

I like this list A LOT. I like 5, 4, and the slip in of Yvonne Strahovski. I would take 2 and 3 off the list, and have a little bit of doubt for number 1 but she would still be better.

JL4139d ago

Numbers 4 and 5 would be awesome picks. I have a HUGE crush on Kate Beckinsale, so seeing her in tight leather again would be awesome. She's so damn hot lol. Charlize Theron could definitely pull it off too. Out of this list, those two would be my top picks. Probably Theron slightly topping Kate if I'm honest, though for personal taste I'd rather see Kate in the outfit.

The others I'm not so sure of, especially not above Kate or Charlize. Noomi I could possibly see pulling it off. I really need to see more of her though to really be able to get a grasp on her range and ability as an actress.

paulwarren774136d ago

We don't need another blond Catwoman. It was a mistake when Burton did it that tarnished the character for over 16 years when they went with that look in the comic starting around 1995.

Restore Classic Catwoman's look or bust.

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The story is too old to be commented.