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9 Actors TMP Would Like to See in The Expendables 2

With the recent news about Van Damme possibly joining The Expendables 2, TMP takes a look at the other big action stars (and older ones) that were left out of the first film, and deserve a role in the second.

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Crazay3740d ago

I love the idea of Carl Weathers. That's a good call by you sir.

darklordzor3740d ago

I just miss seeing Carl Weathers in action. It'd be nice to see him do something along these lines again.

Crazay3740d ago

Action Jackson was great. I wonder if that's on Netflix.

JL3740d ago

Yes it is. DVD and Streaming.

Crazay3740d ago

BAH - it's not available here in Canada

JL3740d ago

Carl Weathers would be a good one. The Rock wouldn't be bad. I'm not a big fan or anything (odd considering how much a fan I am of wrestling), but he's made some enjoyable/fun movies and he's definitely an action star. Vin Diesel I like as a pick more than The Rock though.

Danny Trejo, I wouldn't have thought of him but that would be cool. I really like him. Still need to watch Machete. Mel Gibson would be interesting too. Especially with him so crazy these days lol

The rest I could really live without. Chuck Norris? I seriously do NOT get the cult fascination with him. I hate seeing the guy even appear on my screen.

Some not mentioned that I wouldn't mind seeing: Kurt Russell and Tony Jaa. Obviously, though I can't stand the two, they need Van Damme and Seagal too. Wesley Snipes or Harrison Ford would be cool. For the sake of it, they need Bruce Campbell as well. And Eastwood wouldn't make a bad one for a small part/cameo.

darklordzor3740d ago

Kurt Russel! I totally forgot about that one. Yes! I didn't include Tony Jaa because he's off doing the monk thing right now, and left out Snipes because he's in prison. While I completely agree they would be bad ass for it, I tried to stick with actors who might be more feasible in showing up.

JL3740d ago

Yea, Russell would be one that's practically a must. I don't know why I never see ole Snake Plissken/Jack Burton mentioned more often when talking about possibilities for this movie.

And yes I knew Snipes wouldn't be available, that was just a general "he'd be cool" idea.

I didn't know about Tony Jaa off doing a monk thing right now though. Don't know how I didn't know that. That kinda sucks. I mean, cool for him doing his thing or whatnot. But that means no more Jaa movies for a while at least. And he was quickly becoming my favorite martial arts action star around today.

Soldierone3740d ago

Dunno about you but about 20 people around me auto assumed The Rock was in this film lol. Even with his Disney stuff and attempt to not be a action star, he still has it in him. With Faster hopefully he is coming back, he can become one of the greats still.

Soldierone3740d ago

I dont know about you guys, but an All Star on screen cast also needs an All Star offscreen cast. The first one was horrible in terms of movie making. You wouldnt know who any of the characters were if they didnt play the same roles they played in other movies. Thus if you havent seen the other movies you still are left out in the dust. The story was horrible, the script was horrible, and it barely passes as an action film these days.

JL3740d ago

I didn't care for the movie at all and never even bought into the hype. I knew it was going to be garbage from the get-go and that's what it ultimately turned out to be. I have absolutely no faith for the second one either. It just provides a nice jump-off point to reminisce and discuss action stars in general.

Crazay3740d ago

I really liked The Expendables. It was fun to see all these guys who were larger than life action stars from when I was a kid on the same screen. If only Arnie was in better form and able to take on a bigger role. Seeing him and Sly duke it out would have been awesome especially since as kids my friends and I used to talk about who would win in that fight all the time.

Soldierone3739d ago


Thats what the movie was for. But for everyone else, especially film makers, the movie was absolutely terrible. If you didnt grow up liking those characters you didnt like the movie. It was all around bad and nothing more than a quick way to make money. Even if you are a fan you have to admit this is obvious.

JL3739d ago

Yea, that was the only intention of it. Here's the thing though....I absolutely can not stand "Arnie". Stallone? I enjoyed Rocky very much, some Rambo was enjoyable growing up, but I do not care for him that much either. Both of those two are horrible actors. Dolph, don't care for him either. Statham, Li, Willis and others I like though.

I get the whole "all-star" cast thing and the nostalgic appeal. But for me, who doesn't care for half of those actors, it didn't have that appeal really.

CobraKai3739d ago

Great f*ckin list!! I would add Cynthia Rothrock.