Robert Downey Jr. Out of 'Oz,' Johnny Depp to Take Over?

Hollywood Reporter says:

Robert Downey Jr. has fallen out of Oz, the Great and Powerful, Disney’s prequel-ish take on The Wizard of Oz tale, and the studio is in discussions with Johnny Depp to step into the great wizard’s robe.

Sam Raimi is due to direct the tale of Oz as a young illusionist with a grandiose attitude who is forced to flee a traveling circus. His hot air balloon is swept up by a tornado to the land of Oz, which is run by two magical wicked witches.

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Crazay4512d ago

I actually don't know how to take this news. One one hand Johnny Depp is fantastic and it's possible and highly probably he'll be great in the role and could even come up with yet another beloved character that creates a new Wizard franchise.

On the other hand, RDJ is an incredible actor in his own right and he's shown he can take interesting roles and make them his own thereby creating himself another recurring role as a fascinating character.

Either way I think we win I'm just not sure who I'd like to see in the role.

Soldierone4511d ago

Dunno. RBJ is good at playing an asshole extremely well, but other than that he really isn't that good at things. He can be apathetic to some roles but he usually has that "asshole" twist to things so it better suits his style.

I just don't see him in a movie like this unless its the only name the studio is capable of slapping on it.

JL4511d ago

I agree with Soldier. I enjoy RBJ and thinks he's a good actor, but this type of role isn't for him I don't think. The fantasy realm just seems beyond him.

Johnny Depp on the other hand, I bet he could do absolutely amazing with a role like this. Characters like that, well that's his forte.

Crazay4511d ago

I think you guys are both right and wrong at the same time. I really like RDJ and think he's probably much more versatile than anyone gives him credit for. I think the issue is that he plays those roles so often that perhaps he's been type cast?

I bet he'd love to take on a fantasy role if only given the right opportunity to do so.

Soldierone4511d ago

Well he has the opportunity to change things up with Ironman. Yeah Ironman is an ass when he is around other people, but not when he is alone.

He could very easily take on another comic book role and show us he is capable of doing something more. I just look at Due Date. He is supposed to be an apathetic type guy in some scenes, and he cant pull it off and make me believe it. Perhaps your right and he is more talented than we think, but we have yet to see it.

Soldierone4511d ago

Id say this would be a common sense move if at all plausible for the studio and team. Johnny Depp is a tremendous actor, and when you throw him into these roles he just steps it up even further. I dont know if he really is twisted or what, but he is perfect for these roles and no one can do it better.

Downey would be more of a namebrand than anything, so switching him out would be a good idea.

JL4511d ago

Exactly, Depp is so amazing at doing characters like this. Like I said, this is his forte. He can create characters like this like nobody else. I'd definitely be interested in seeing him tackle this role.

Crazay4511d ago

Either way it went, as fans of film, we all win with either guy but Depp is being thrust into so much now. I enjoy watching him because he truly is a master at his craft but it's getting to be a bit too much don't you think?

Soldierone4511d ago

I dunno. I say that about other actors because they play themselves in movies. With Johnny Depp he hardly ever plays "Johnny Depp" So its hard to get tired of him. Look at him in Alice in Wonderland, then look at him in Edward Scissor Hands. He doesnt look the same, plays entirely differnt characters, and makes you believe in the character in both instances.

Crazay4511d ago

He's an absolute master of the art. There is no one more talented then Johnny Depp but he's always playing these kooky rolls that require a great deal of imagination and ..."Kookiness" I can't honestly think of anything he's been in during the last decade where he was more "normal". I'd like to see his take on the roll of a serial killer or something a little more grounded in reality.

JL4510d ago

Crazay, I think you got some movie watching to do lol. Let's see, let's start with your serial killer idea: Secret Window and Sweeney Todd. Neither of which he played "kooky" characters. Both normal. Well Sweeney Todd was as normal as he could be considering all musicals like that demand a sort of flamboyance in the characters. And Secret Window he's not a serial killer, but it's kinda along the same lines of that persona.

Then you have him playing a criminal character in Public Enemy. Then a agent who does his fair share of killing in Once Upon a Time in Mexico. Blow: another criminal character which he does awesome in. He did real good in Finding Neverland as well and that's just a normal character.

And you also have Chocolat, Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus and From Hell, in all of which he plays a normal character.

There's 9 where he plays normal characters (8 if you wanna exclude Sweeney Todd) and all of those have been done within the past decade. So I agree that he does like to do "kooky" but he definitely does his fair share of "normal" as well and does plenty fine in those as well. I will disagree though that there's no one more talented than Depp. He's great, I love his work, but he's not the absolute best.

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