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First Official Poster and New Pics Make Up For Terrible 'X-Men: First Class' Banner

On top of the first two official pictures and the teaser poster that has been released, FOX has dropped another 3 pictures from the upcoming mutant movie. All-in-all it's a great way to make up for the terrible banner that was leaked.

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darklordzor4141d ago

I am slowly feeling my faith becoming restored in this project. I'm digging the new pics, but now really want a trailer. That might set aside, or affirm the still lingering doubts.

Crazay4141d ago

I def. need to see a proper trailer before I fully form my opinion but the pics still do nothing for me. I'm not sure why...Perhaps it's because I'm sick of all the "prequel" or "younger cast" things that Hollywood does.

ABizzel14139d ago

They do nothing, because they already show this movie is more than likely going to be awful, and an attempt to cash in on people using the X-Men name.

I'm surely not going to waste my $10 going to see this, because I have a feeling it's going to be X-3 all over again.

Sunny_D4140d ago

Wow, the characters seem to lack any wow power for me. They don't seem cool. Lol. So, is this the early days of Xmen when Xavier and Magneto were friends? If so, I hope they play their parts well.

ABizzel14139d ago

When I saw this bull I about flipped. The cast of mutant they use are awful. Then you have mutants in this who shouldn't even be born yet. The costumes are awful, and look ripped right out of the original comic (good on paper not in film).

Ooh, OOH. I was too through when I saw this. TOO THROUGH.

Quagmire4139d ago

It looks as bad as the Epic Movie parody of X-Men.