Revealed Magneto and Professor X Images

Slashfilm Writes: Remember that X-Men: First Class cast photo that leaked online yesterday that you hated? Director Matthew Vaughn hated it too. While I was heading out the door to the airport (Sundance Film Festival here I come) I received a phone call from Vaughn who wanted to set the record straight about the photo. And to make up for it he gave us two much more inspiring images of the main characters in his upcoming superhero film.

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Crazay4143d ago

I'm still not buying it but will reserve judgment until I see everything in action.

JL4143d ago

I'm with you. I was excited about this movie, but what we've been getting is slowly diminishing that excitement.

The cast photo was horrible. These aren't so bad, but that helmet there just makes Magneto look stupid as hell I think. I don't like it. The one of McAvoy as Xavier isn't bad looking, but it doesn't tell us much either. For what it is it looks fine though.

If anything can save my excitement here, though, it's Vaughn's reaction and words. The way he hated that cast photo gives some hope. Also the way he talks about the movie and the franchise, etc does give signs that it's in good hands. Of course, there have been many directors with good intentions that ultimately failed at what they were doing, so I don't know. At least he genuinely means well, so we'll have to see.

bolland1234143d ago

The director, Matthew Vaughn said that the cast photo wasn't released by Fox and was more than likely fan made.

The official pics don't look too promising but better than the fake. And Vaughn directed Kick-Ass, one of the best superhero movies of all time. Ill give him the benefit of the doubt.

JL4142d ago

Oh I know what he said. That's why I said it helps save my excitement what Vaughn said about the cast photo and how he hated.

And I'm fully aware of Vaughn's credentials. He was part of the reason I so anticipating this movie in the first place. I enjoy X-Men, plus I like his work, so it had me excited. Kick-Ass was indeed awesome and actually my favorite comic book/superhero movie last year. I also really enjoyed his Layer Cake before, and even Stardust wasn't too bad. So yea, I know all about him and what he can bring to the table.

Crazay4142d ago

Kick Ass was fantastic but I always thought Magneto looked like a chump with that lame ass helmet on his noggin. I'd really rather see an X-Men movie that takes place more into the future with the Sentinels. That's where they should take the story over a 3 movie story arch that gets filmed back to back to back.

Sunny_D4142d ago

Magneto and Xavier look retarded. I don't like the pick. But, I guess it is their earlier days. Of course they don't look their most mature.