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Player Affinity: Avengers - Come The Conqueror Review

Player Affinity writes: "Avengers is heading into the conclusion of their Kang The Conqeror storyline, and this week’s episode is wall-to-wall action. Arguably the best episode all season, Come The Conqeror starts off with a bang as it continues from last week’s cliff hanger. In the previous episode, the mis-guided time-traveler Kang came from 2,000 years in the future to destroy the Avengers, and take over the Earth. He’s doing this because his time period in the future is in danger because of events that happen in ours. By re-writing (His) history he hopes to prevent Earth from being conquered by a greater alien threat. It all makes sense from Kang’s point of view, but the Avengers obviously aren’t going to let some 41st Century meddler take over their planet without a fight."

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