Hi-Def Ninja: El Mariachi/Desperado Blu-ray Review

Jorge writes: An out of work musician arrives at the town of Acuña, wearing all black, holding his guitar in its case, known only as “El Mariachi” (Carlos Gallardo). Meanwhile, in a local jail Azul (Reinol Martinez), a local criminal, has just escaped and has began to kill Moco’s (Peter Marquardt) men because of money owed to him. Moco doesn’t take time to retaliate and sends his men to kill the man in black carrying a guitar suite case. As the mariachi makes his way around town asking for work, Moco’s men confuses him with Azul and begin an incessant pursuit to kill him. As a runaway, El Mariachi makes his way into a cantina where he meets Domino (Consuelo Gómez), the owner and Moco’s love interest, which he becomes attached to and ultimately bring him more trouble.

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