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Anne Hathaway Cast as Catwoman in 'Dark Knight Rises'

Heat Vision:
Anne Hathaway has nabbed the coveted female lead opposite Christian Bale in Christopher Nolan's The Dark Knight Rises.

Warner Bros. made the announcement Wednesday morning.

The studio also revealed which character Tom Hardy, who joined the cast last fall, will play: Bane.

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Crazay4147d ago

This news makes me very very sad and worried about the new movie. I just haven't seen anything from her to prove to me that she's got the acting chops to pull this off at all.

MastaMold4146d ago

Everyone calm down, lets just wait for a teaser trailer to see how everthing turns out besides Chris Nolan knows what he's doing

KingPin4146d ago

you shouldnt be so judgemental. i think she has the ability to pull this off. if she didnt, do you honestly think Nolan himself wouldve cast her.

Go back to pre Dark knight days and hear the backlash Nolan got for casting "Mr brokeback" as the Joker. and how did that turn out for you?

Heath ledger (RIP) totally rocked that part!!!

Crazay4146d ago

From what I've seen from her, no I honestly don't think she can pull it off and will be the 1st to admit such if I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong and only time will tell but until she proves me wrong I'll stand by my opinion.

As I stated later in the thread, I had absolutely no issue with Heath being cast as the part. I actually enjoyed Ledgers previous movies and his acting style and courage to take on the role in Broke Back which, mind you, wasn't a half bad movie. I defended his abilities to take on the role and was further vindicated when the first teaser came out and you heard his maniacal laugh. It sent chills down my spine and it was at that exact moment that people started to change their tune.

As for the "How did that turn out for you" comment, it turned out great cause I was right and rubbed all my friends faces in it.

Sure wish I had more bubbles to continue this debate. =)

tdogg060519914146d ago

Atleast its not a Black women

Crazyglues4146d ago (Edited 4146d ago )

Oh no, NO NO NO, not this girl, anyone but this girl... OMG!!.. Might as well get Megan Fox if we are going to use this girl.. She's awful...

This is not just another movie, this thing is bordering on Epic Franchise... you don't just throw in clown actors on to an Epic Franchise.. Come on'

-what's next we have decided to replace Christian Bale as Batman with some guy on the set who was working the lights..

This girl is not Catwoman she's not even close.. I guess they forgot about the part where Catwoman is suppose to be had Jessica Biel and Keira Knightley and they picked this girl, who looks like someone who sells you girl scout cookies... and then steals your credit card info when your not looking.. Seriously,... WTF

are there no other actors that could be found in Hollywood??

This movie is off to a bad start.. -omg hollywood your killing me... Chris Nolan don't wreck my favorite Movie franchise bro' -Don't Tase Me!! bro..

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Soldierone4147d ago

If this is true....I probably wont be watching it then. I dont like Catwoman and I dont like Anne Hathaway, both together will never make anything good.

LtSkittles4147d ago

Well, it says Selina Kyle, and not necessarily catwoman. Could be an origin for her in it. Not sure about Tom Hardy, as it says Bane.

Sunny_D4147d ago

I don't think Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy are good picks for the cast. They don't fit their characters. Maybe Nolan sees something that we don't, but I don't think it will beat TDK.

LtSkittles4147d ago

I'm not really sure yet. I'll wait til Comic Con in July.

Soldierone4147d ago

Yeah they dont fit the part and its bugging me all day. It seems the studio has more influence over all the decisions made in this film than anyone. I highly doubt Nolan would title the film this and then get these actors for these roles. Heck Im suprised he is even putting Catwoman in the film.

It may be the first subpar Nolan film, which will be a sad day for film making, but so far its looking to be just that.

JL4147d ago

Very true @Skittles about it saying Selina instead of Catwoman. I hope that's the case. First I really don't care to see Catwoman. Secondly, that would make me feel better because if we do get Catwoman then that means Goyer and them lied to us a couple years ago when he flat-out said "no we won't be using Catwoman or Penguin".

I actually like Hardy as Bane. He just needs to beef up, and they'll probably use some type of suit or something (i don't know), but my thought is Nolan will be doing Bane like some musclebound smart psychopath that ends up on some super steroids. Think of Hardy in Bronson, but on steroids.

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Crazay4147d ago

You and I have never agreed on something more. Not sure how they're going to do Bane with a normal man but I trust hell make that work somehow. Hathaway, may surprise but I'm not hopeful or optimistic in the least. Great rack on the girl, and I'm sure she'll look decent from the neck down in the costume but that's about it.

Quagmire4146d ago

Lemme get this straight:

-The Dark Knight "RISES" as a title? Def trying to ride off TDK's success
-No Riddler? WTF, the only one who can 1up Joker
-Anne Hathaway as Catwoman? She hot, but thats it.
-Tom Hardy as Bane? The fook?

Sorry Nolan, just not feeling it. This may be the train wreck similar to SpiderMan 3.

Sunny_D4146d ago

Now that I think about it, maybe Nolan sees something that we don't see. We just have to be patient. We didn't think Heath would be a good joker, but he completely owned. So maybe Anne and Tom might be good for their roles.

Eternus4147d ago

This is Ledger and TDK situation all over again. "WTF Brokeback Joker!? this is going to be shit!".

And look what happened.

CobraKai4147d ago

This is exactly what I was thinking. Trust in Chris Nolan. The man knows what he is doing.

JL4147d ago

I have to agree. Nolan is just a damn genius. I'm not excited about this being true, but I'm trying to look on the bright side (per my comment above) and keep faith in Nolan. They guy always surprises and is a genius filmmaker.

Crazay4146d ago

I actually never once had an issue with the news of Ledger taking on the role of the Joker. I was the only one in my group of friends who supported the decision.

I understand that Nolan is a smart guy who knows things about shit and I hope he proves me wrong.

blur994147d ago

I think she is a good actress but I don't think of her when I think of Catwoman. She is talented so I think she'll do well.

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