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AICN - Spy Cams Catch The New Spidey In Action

Merrick from Aint it Cool News Says:

Some industrious folks managed to grab video footage of Marc Webb's SPIDER-MAN being filmed. Both reels show what appears to be the same stunt, observed from different angles.

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Sunny_D4136d ago

Seemed blurry, but it looks like he was running after a car. Kind of reminds me of the armored truck scene in Spider man 3 when he was going after Sandman.

Crazay4135d ago

You can't have a Spidey flick without him chasing down someone through the streets of NYC

blur994135d ago

That is what Spidey does best. That and swinging for buildings.

Soldierone4135d ago

Five bucks he ends up either on top or in that diesel truck lol

Crazay4135d ago

lol - That's umpossible.

CobraKai4135d ago

I hope they replace all that running with swinging. Maybe he's out of web fluid?