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Kyle Gallner to Play Wayne Gretzky in Kevin Smith’s Hit Somebody

As you may know, Kevin Smith’s next planned movie is the hockey movie Hit Somebody. This comes as no surprise being as how Smith is such a hockey fan and has even had it featured in many of his past films to some degree. Late last year, Kevin Smith announced via his podcast that Nicholas Braun had signed on to play the lead role in the film. Now it seems Smith is reaching out even further to his Red State cast as he’s signed on another to star in Hit Somebody.

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darklordzor4269d ago

I think this has been slightly changed now. Kevin Smith tweeted that he would be playing a Gretzky-like character, not Gretzky himself.

Crazay4269d ago

Well that's good - I don't know how the rest of this country would react to Gretzky making dick and fart jokes.

Soldierone4269d ago

The Kid in the picture looks like a punk lol. Hopefully this brings hockey back to popularity here, since the lockout pretty much killed everything.

Gretzky lost a lot when he couldn't coach the Coyotes worth crap lol. Our new coach is way better. Either way he is still a fantastic player.

JL4269d ago

You know when I saw him there, the first thing I thought "He looks like Geohot. What a douche" lol

Soldierone4269d ago

Just glad Im not the only one that gets those senses haha

Crazay4269d ago

LOL - You guys are hilarious. While Gretzky wasn't a great coach, there's no mistaking what he did for my national game. My hope for this movie is that it becomes one of those rare great sports comedies like Slap Shot, Happy Gilmore or Caddyshack.

JL4268d ago

I've still yet to see Slap Shot (have it in my Instant Queue on Netflix though to get around to sometime).

I don't know if it will be one of those greats, but I think coming from Kevin Smith (and he's actually writing this one) it should definitely be good...and funny.