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MTV - Emma Stone Says Spidey Shooters Will Be A 'Device'

Emma Stone Says Spidey Shooters Will Be A 'Device'

Emma Stone made some comments at The Golden Globes this past weekend regarding Spider-Man's webbing and reveals that it will be device. Interesting comment.

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Soldierone4142d ago

This is rather interesting. I just wonder if this crew is as dedicated as the other crew by reading the older comics and studying the characters to far extents. Or if they are just appearing in a movie and doing what the director says....

Crazay4142d ago

I would think that both Sony and the director would have spoken at length about this. I suspect that the crew is well versed in the Spider-verse

Soldierone4142d ago

Yeah but like Tobey he went and read the old old ones on his own, he had like truck shipments of comics to his house. Also the people that did Punisher Warzone did something similar.

Sunny_D4142d ago

Man if they were able to make real working web shooters that spray like the real deal, then I would buy these bad boys even if they cost over a thousand dollars. Can't beat the feeling of swinging though a city. The only problem is that I live Florida.

xino4142d ago

this is obvious man! no need of confirmation from her

Crazay4141d ago

I think he's fine for the role.