The Expendables 2 Snags Bruce Willis and Possibly Van Damme

Work on the Expendables 2 seems to be moving forward and two very interesting casting news bits have come around. One is a confirmation on a returning character, and the other is a possibility that action-movie fans should be excited about.

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Crazay4522d ago

I'd be surprised if Van Damme were to be in this movie for a major reason. Stallone was asked over at AICN why Van Damme wasn't in the movie and he basically responded (with a great deal of class I might add) by saying that he wanted to movie to be about "The guys" and when one person doesn't agree with that and thinks he should be the focus, then there's really no point to having that person along for the ride.

Would I like to see it? Sure, why not? I enjoyed the JCVD flicks as much as the next guy growing up but if he's not, I certainly won't lose any sleep over it. Sure would have been cool to see Charles Bronson or Clint Eastwood have a cameo though.

Steven Segal is an idiot. Always was and always will be. Here's hoping that never happens.

As for the Bruce Willis comment, I think that would be awesome to see him back in it and hopefully with a larger part with more action...Damn!! Just thinking about a Willis/Stallone showdown brings a smile to my face.

LtSkittles4522d ago

It was good, I don't usually watch action films, but Jason Statham was awesome, kind of bad that this was my first time seeing a film with him.

darklordzor4522d ago

Whoa...then you are missing out. You need to check out the Transporter moves ASAP!

JL4522d ago

Yea, I really like Statham as an action star. I was actually in a debate with someone the other day who wanted to rag on Statham cause he can't act etc. To which I simply replied: ummm pretty much all action stars are crap actors. Oh, and he wanted to rag on Statham's "fake accent". I didn't get that since Statham IS British, thus wouldn't need to fake an accent.

Anyways, yea, Statham is something of a badass (extensively trained mixed martial artist and like a master kickboxer. Thus, it's real fun watching him do his own stunts and fighting. Not to mention he's accomplished stunt-driver so a lot of times that's him doing his own driving in movies like Transporter.

I enjoy him him though and did very much like the Transporter movies too. I also liked The Bank Job. I've also liked several that he's had supporting roles in as well.

Crazay4521d ago

I'm ok with Statham. His movies are good mindless popcorn flicks that keep me well entertained for their duration. I've heard he's a pretty humble guy in person.

darklordzor4521d ago

Really hope that this comes to pass. I'm a big Van Damme fan, and it's the one actor I really was hoping to see with all of the others. I have high hopes for this sequel.

Excalibur4521d ago

They need to work up a part for Chuck Norris too!! :)