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FearNet - Will 'The Walking Dead' Return in July?

FearNet says:

An interesting bit of The Walking Dead Season 2 news has hit the interwebs this morning courtesy of an interview with Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston in New York Magazine. I have a sneaking suspicion that this one may be debunked real quick, but if it's true, fans of The Walking Dead eagerly anticipating Season 2 may not have to wait until Oct 2011. Full details below.

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Crazay4149d ago

I'd love for this to be happening but wouldn't they have to get their asses in gear and start filming!? Another thing that doesn't make sense is AMC putting all their eggs in one basket and trying to take over the summer spots. Too many people are outside or away to bother watching too much TV but I guess stranger things have happened.

JL4149d ago

Yea I'm not sure about this one. That would give them a crowded summer. And last I heard, AMC was wanting to space out its big hitters. I just don't see this happening, nor how Cranston would really know.

If they're wanting to get some summer activity then they have a couple shows there to do that. To me, as much as I'd like to see it sooner, the ideal marketing opportunity around Halloween/Fall is the perfect time for them to bring the series back. They saw how well that marketing scheme/gimmick worked for them last year. If it's not broke, don't fix it.

Crazay4149d ago

I agree. The show proved that it has the legs to hit the ground running and it did leaving nothing but glorious zombie mayhem in it's wake against all other shows. Putting everything together just doesn't feel right but they are putting Breaking Bad with Mad Men so the possibility is always there I suppose.

Soldierone4148d ago

It wont be back in july, and if they were smart it would only run from Septemberish to beginning of November and keep doing that yearly. The show was decent, but its nothing to compete with other shows on TV and giving it that Halloween vibe makes it have a fighting chance. Otherwise it wont get any interest beyond gamer like crowds.

Crazay4148d ago (Edited 4148d ago )

I like the Fall time for the series too but respectfully disagree with you on the "The show was decent, but its nothing to compete with other shows..." comment. The Walking Dead was one of the highest ranked shows of the Fall Season and it had nothing to do with the "Halloween vibe". It had everything to do with good story telling and incredible makeup effects.

Trust me there are far more people who were interested and enjoyed the show beyond the "gamer like crowds".

Soldierone4148d ago

I dunno. Its just me then I guess. I mean there are a lot of shows that win awards that dont actually have massive fan bases that will carry them forever. They just has solid fans.

For example GLEE wins awards all the time, but would you classify that as a superb show? My entire film making class (myself included) cant stand the show. (GLEE)

Im not saying Walking Dead is terrible, it had my interest for a while. To me it just seemed they tried too hard to impress people and personally I don't see it lasting a full season competing with other shows. Look at Terminator, fantastic show, but all the work and money made it impossible to compete.

Crazay4148d ago

I can't stand Glee either but I understand why it does as well as it does - it's simple and the demographic is the audience that grew up watching shows like High School Musical (they're all in and around the late middle school/early high school years now.

I really think Walking Dead is going to dominate again this year regardless of when it's on - but in reference to your comments about Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, that show was screwed by being bounced around by the idiots at Fox with their schedule shifting and long term hiatus' between new episodes and shitty promotion. The show was great and did an admirable job of bridging the movies.

I fear we'll see Fringe suffer the same fate this year given the new Friday Night Death Slot

Soldierone4148d ago

You have to remeber Terminator was getting hate from FOX for being too expensive. Thus its marketing money went into show production, and producing something like that takes time. The way FOX wanted to air it didn't allow them to properly produce episodes. They should of been allowed to film and produce an entire season before the season even began.

FOX is absolutely terrible at keeping shows running and FRINGE will indeed suffer because of it. I know AMC is differnt and has more faith in The Walking Dead, I just don't personally think it will dominate. And if it does its just the second season, lets see if it can do it 3 times.

dirtydbz4148d ago

fox does some crazy crap because of american idol I really hope that show dies this year
I mean I like good guys/ human target/ rasing hope

and the walking dead was great I wish it was a longer season

LtSkittles4148d ago

It's 13 episodes this time around.

Bathyj4148d ago

So was season 1 just 6 eps?

Crazay4147d ago

That's right - it was a half season to test the field and the test was extremely successful so now we're going to be treated to a full 13 episode season sometime this year.