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Green Hornet Puts a Sting on Competition at Box Office

Well the studio estimates are in for the weekend box office and it looks as if Green Hornet has put a sting on all competition. Ok, fine. Corny puns aside, Green Hornet starring Seth Rogen is the clear winner for the weekend, pulling in twice as much as any other movie over the weekend. Bringing in roughly $34 Million, Green Hornet topped the second place contender The Dilemma which brought in $17.4 Million for the weekend.

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Soldierone4144d ago

Even with it being a sub par movie, I don't think its really that suprising lol. its a comic book movie and its Seth Rogan afterall.

Crazay4144d ago

It's true - a majority of all comic movies punish the competition for the 1st few weeks.

Soldierone4143d ago

It wasn't a terrible film. I wouldnt pay to see it again, but wouldnt be mad after paying to see it once.

Sunny_D4142d ago

I still think Bruce Lee still had the best role. Just more classy and more Martial Arts.

Soldierone4142d ago

Dunno. I think Jay is perfect for the role he was playing, and he is a great actor. Unlike most martial arts actors I can actually stand watching him act.