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The Social Network and Inception Win Big at Critics’ Choice Movie Awards

With the beginning of the year underway, the movie awards season is really kicking off. Friday night (January 14th), the BFCA held the 16th Annual Critics’ Choice Awards. Coming into the ceremony, Black Swan was riding high on an unprecedented 12 nominations. However, at the ceremony, The Social Network and Inception walked away as the real winners.

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JL4527d ago

Since this is usually the biggest indicator of how the Oscars will play out, I'm definitely looking for The Social Network to take Best Picture Oscar as well.

We're probably just a ways away from seeing it get the Golden Globe as well I'd bet. Sorkin just picked up Best Screenplay, so that's a bit of a sign.

Crazay4526d ago

I really liked the movie. Just saw it for the first time over the weekend and thought that Jessie Eisenberg was incredible.

JL4526d ago

Yea I saw it over the weekend as well (well..Friday). I like Eisenberg in anything he does really. I liked the movie too. I understand the Citizen Kane references that people have been giving it now.

Crazay4526d ago

I've never seen CItizen Kane nor heard of any comparisons to such a film but you're right about Eisenberg. He's becoming one hell of an actor. Hopefully this won't affect him coming back for another romp in Zombieland 2.

JL4525d ago

It's definitely received a few Citizen Kane remarks. If I'm not mistaken I even want to say it mentions it in one of the little "critic excerpts" on the box art.

And I actually understand those comparisons. Obviously it doesn't make sense if you've never seen Citizen Kane, but yea. Though that comparison coming from me doesn't mean the same as it does most critics I'm sure. Because, while I did enjoy Citizen Kane and it is a good movie, I think it's also one of the most overrated movies of all-time. In that it's definitely not the greatest movie of all-time like the consensus seems to state.

So by me comparing it to Citizen Kane it just means it's a really good movie that captures the essence of our generation in a sense while giving an inside look to the drama behind one of the industry's biggest players and the emotional depth of their tale. I don't mean it in the sense that both are absolute masterpieces (like others would imply or flat out state).

As for Zombieland 2, I see no reason why this would affect his doing that.

Sunny_D4524d ago

I rather have something other than Inception win the Oscars. I didn't think it was Oscar Worthy.

Soldierone4526d ago

Is it just me or is this movie too played out?

JL4526d ago

Which one? The Social Network or Inception? And played out how?

Soldierone4526d ago

The Social Network. It was a good movie, but it wasn't godly by anymeans. I like the actor, but this role just happened to be perfect for him. To me its just the fact that Hollywood is too caught up making crap, that when these films come around and impress us in other ways it makes them look better than it really is.

JL4525d ago

I agree. It's definitely no masterpiece like they imply. See my reply above concerning the whole Citizen Kane comparison etc and you'll see I definitely don't think it to be a masterpiece and how my comparison to that movie means something entirely different than critics.

On that note, it definitely was a good movie. And the role does fit Eisenberg well. I don't think he's a great actor by any means (maybe he'll prove me wrong someday), but rather he's a charming "loveable" nerdy guy that needs the role to kinda fit him. But when he does get those roles (which he's done very well at picking so far it seems), I absolutely enjoy seeing him on-screen.

I'd say you're also right in a sense about how the industry is so watered down that you get something good and it stands out more. Not to take away from the movie because it definitely was good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. But I'm not going around claiming it's a modern masterpiece like others seem to be.