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Home & Theater: The Green Hornet - Theatrical Review

David Weaver of Home And Theater Writes: My expectations for this film, a remake of the original 1966 TV series featuring a then unknown Bruce Lee, were pretty darn low. It had a lot going against it, Director Michel Gondry had up until this point only dealt with dramatic and/or off beat films which contained zero action. Seth Rogen had done mostly comedic roles with very little to no dramatic or action based features. The man taking over the pivotal and iconic role as Kato was a virtual unknown over here in the states. And finally, the television show didn't really have anyone out there clamoring for any type of a reboot or remake. To say this film had a lot stacked against it would be a slight understatement. However, to my surprise and astonishment, that strange mixture of talent came together and provided me with one hell of a fun time at the movies.

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Crazay4188d ago

I've seen so many reviews that bounce all over the place. I'll wait for this one until it's out on Netflix or something because I'm just not sure it's worthy of my money.