Film News: Death of the Superhero...Film?

Filmmattic writes: With the opening of The Green Hornet upon us, the time has come to address the future of the veritable superhero film. By definition, a superhero film carries the ilk consistent in an action, fantasy, or science fiction based movie, while predominantly focusing on a superheroes superhuman abilities—in a heroic effort to thwart a grave danger and protect the greater good.

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Soldierone4141d ago

I think WB will be the savior of Superhero films. They have Batman which is changing things up already and making people extremely happy, but they already announced they are going to be using more assets. Grenn Lantern looks legit too. And sooner or later we will get the Batman Superman movies and eventually Justice League.

I think its the smaller known titles that are hurting the industry. Like Green Hornet for example, how many have we seen like that. Superhero movie etc are not needed. Green Hornet wasn't terrible, but we get like 10 of those movies a year.

xino4141d ago

why should making super hero movies that generates TONS of money die down?

all they will ever do is keep rebooting.
why should anybody turn down a subject that makes them money?

filmmattic4141d ago

@ Soldier one

Thanks for the comment. You can be on to something with WB. WB's primary wealth generation mechanism (in terms of superhero properties) is Batman and Superman. In my piece, I argued that Nolan's DNR will likely perform well at the box office—of course, this is more a reflection of Nolan's growing popularity, as most now recognize he is a genius of his craft. The jury of expectations is still undecided on Superman.

@ xino

The point of my analysis is not to say that superhero films will never generate moderately appreciable sums of money because these longstanding franchises are ingrained in the moviegoer's conscience. Thus, the mild success of these films will continually influence the studio system's decision making process, when it comes to which films to green light. The overriding point of my piece is that the extremely high grossing box office juggernauts that we've grown accustomed to from the 2000's is not going to continue—at least over the next few years. Box office numbers will dwindle, as the audience tastes will become stale due to an overabundance of formulaic, non-praiseworthy superhero films.

Rebooting is a monetized creation of Hollywood that reflects a lazy, uninspired mindset. Hollywood operates like any corporation; therefore, they will continue to disseminate lackluster, unoriginal films as long as they turn a profit. The pie; however, will not be as large as it has been in the past, until negligible improvements can be made to the current superhero film model.

Soldierone4141d ago

Exactly what Im saying. Hollywood is stuck in a cycle purely because this cycle throws money at their face every time. Yet how many reboots have done extra well? None. Even the first Batman reboot didn't do amazing.

Yet look at titles that go deeper and offer more. The Dark Knight broke records, got praise, and went on to be one of the best. Spiderman 3 broke records, had praise for a while, etc...Once people started disecting it, it went another way but still.

Yet rebooting spiderman or batman seems logical to the average company why? Because its gurenteed a few 100 million. They dont care if it pushes boundries or breaks records, they just want money. Its stupid.

JL4140d ago

Like I said before, I agree. Superhero movies are going to slowly start declining as the guaranteed huge paycheck they are now as fans become tired of being completely barraged with the movies and are subjected to mediocre installment after mediocre installment.

Granted some great ones will still come along, but I think there will be a break in popularity for a while, especially if they keep it up how they are now: churning out lackluster after lackluster project.

Of course, Green Hornet did well this weekend. I think the real test will be this summer when we get hammered with them.