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Alien Prequel is Actually Prometheus; Noomi Rapace Officially Signed

There has been lots of hype about the reported Alien prequel that Ridley Scott is behind. Well more details have now come out. Turns out it’s not a prequel at all. In fact, it’s not even an Alien film. Rather, Fox announced today in a press release that Ridley Scott’s project is entitled Prometheus. The movie is an original sci-fi epic. Furthermore, they have given us a release date of March 9, 2012.

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JL3904d ago

Surprised this isn't even an Alien movie. Makes me curious to find out more about the movie too (never was a fan of Alien anyways). Especially with them talking up how original and creative it is.

Crazay3904d ago

WHAT?!? You didn't like the Alien Movies? Really? I really liked Alien but Aliens is by far the superior movie in the franchise. Saw that one in the Drive-in with my folks.

JL3903d ago

Yea never was a fan for some reason. Not that I hated them, just wasn't big on them for some reason. Same with the Terminator movies and Predator.

Crazay3903d ago

Wow man - that's wild. I think I'm right is assuming you were a kid of the 80s so that's crazy man. No Terminator, Alien or Predator franchise love.

JL3903d ago

Yep, I was a kid of the 80's. Just turned 30 yesterday, in fact.

But yea, I don't know, just never got into those for some reason. Wasn't my thing and didn't have that huge appeal to me. Though I will say in the regards of Terminator and Predator it was most likely due to my hate for Schwarzenegger. I can't stand that guy on-screen. I mean there was a time I mildly enjoyed those movies, but never had that lasting appeal to me.

Crazay3903d ago (Edited 3903d ago )

Never liked Arnie - You really know how to kick a guy in the pills sir. He was my absolute favorite actor as a kid and still remains the 1 actor that I would like to actually sit down with and talk to.

Happy Birthday BTW - Hopefully you got a bunch of new movies.

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