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Home & Theater: 5 Favorite Films Featuring Seth Rogen

David Weaver of Home And Theater writes: This list is in no particular order. These are just some of my favorite films that Seth Rogen, the actor and star of the new film The Green Hornet, has been in over the years that I enjoyed either solely because of him or it was a generally well made and enjoyable film.

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Crazay3906d ago

I thought Zack and Miri was his best role in all of those movies but Knocked up and 40 Year Old Virgin were great too.

Soldierone3905d ago

I think Pineapple Express is his best film. It makes me laugh everytime and never gets old. The two are just perfect together. Knocked up was ok, but whats her name annoys the heck out of me. She does the same thing in every single movie. She is looking for that "perfect" guy, but ends up with a not perfect guy that turns out to be perfect. Oh and lets not forget she is pregnant....