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Does The New Spider-Man Have Web Shooters?

A closer look at the recently revealed Spider-Man costume may show something comic fans have been waiting to see in the movies for a long time: Peter Parker's web shooters.

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Crazay4273d ago

He probably does and I know the original story says this is how he does it but I really liked the fact that his body was producing the webbing better. It'll be interesting to see how this movie pans out but I really don't want to sit through another origins story so hopefully they'll tell all about that part during the opening credits like The Incredible Hulk.

Soldierone4273d ago

If its what I think, then it will follow suit like the cartoon series. It will be origins, but it will be really fast and not so much focus on origins but more on Peters life as a teen.

Sunny_D4273d ago

Me too. I just love organic webbing. Because, you never had to worry about running out. The only thing that could affect the webbing is how your health was or if you were in a lot of emotional stress. Also, it made him seem more like a spider as well. I mean the very first thing that comes to my mind when I think Spider is Web.

ShadowReaper144272d ago

i think the web shooters are just dumb really. it takes away from him being a spider. i think they should just stick to the organic webbing.

xi_comet_ix4270d ago

preferred the old spidey :(