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Concept: Gotham High

Imagine what it would’ve been like if all the Batman characters were meshed into one high school. It would’ve been called Gotham High, and WB was contemplating on making the concept into a TV show. Too bad it was never developed, but the cool concept art are shown below

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Quagmire4147d ago

Lol, looks like it couldve been funny, if a little disgraceful.

I wouldve watched it, if I were 10 years old again

Soldierone4147d ago

In a weird way i would've actually watched this....

Too bad its already been done several times, superhero in high school is nothing new. Look at Nickelodeon for proof. Its basically Spiderman in Batman uniform, or Teen Titans lol.

Crazay4147d ago

This is just a really stupid idea. If they want to do something fun for an animated comic series, they should do Marvel Zombies.

Soldierone4146d ago

(I wasnt the disagree) They wouldn't be able to do that correctly. With all the "standards" "parents" have thrown at cartoons, hardly anything is allowed anymore. For example you know that they are not allowed to have real gun shot sounds unless the cartoon is on DVD?

Spongebob gets horassed daily for how "far out there" it is, I highly doubt zombies would be ok lol.

Crazay4146d ago

I'm not talking for the kids of the world. I want them for me.

Soldierone4146d ago

Yeah but its still a cartoon so it would still fall under those standards. Unless you want a live action show which is unlikely for other reasons.

The only way to pass those standards in a way is to air it on adult swim or a network like fox.