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Jurassic Park Is Finally Coming To Blu-Ray This Year

At long last fans have confirmation that Jurassic Park will be coming to the blu-ray format. This news comes straight from Universal's marketing director in France, but not many details are given.

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Crazay4275d ago

I think we were just talking about this

darklordzor4275d ago

Yes we were! Just had this on the top of my movies that need to come to blu-ray list. Kind of crazy how that works out!

JL4275d ago

The funny thing is just recently we were talking about glasses-less 3D TVs then the next day pops up companies showing them off at CES.

Soldierone4275d ago

LMAO first thing that popped in my mind when I read this "Wasn't JL just mentioning this." Perhaps Hollywood listens to us??? Haha!

Crazay4275d ago

Ok well if that's how it's gonna work - I want a bus load of underwear models with low morals to show up at my house.......Now to play the waiting game.

darklordzor4274d ago

Now I just want some details on it. I really hope to have a whole bunch of special bonuses on this box set. I would love to see more behind the scenes stuff and unused footage.

Bathyj4274d ago

Awesome, some of Stan Winston's RIP greatest creations in HD glory.

Now if we can just get the extended editions of LotR I'll be happy (er).

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