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First Look - Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man Costume

SlashFilm: Sony has released the first photo of Andrew Garfield in costume in Marc Webb’s Spider-Man. Hit the jump to see the full photo. Click on the image to enlarge.I’m guessing that Sony is gearing up to start shooting sequences with the suit in public locations, and have decided to release a good clean image of the costume before some crappy paparazzi image gets leaked.

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Crazay4153d ago (Edited 4153d ago )

I think the costume looks pretty sharp but the real truth is in the mask. Looks like Spidey just had his ass handed to him.

Sunny_D4147d ago

Lol, probably just fought someone. Maybe lizArd or Venom? But, you can see the web shooters on his wrists.

darklordzor4153d ago

Judging by the big scratches on him, is it possible that he just got through a battle with The Lizard? I'm honestly not sure what to think of the suit. There are things I like about it, and things I don't. Need to see it in action (or more of it).

Soldierone4153d ago

I don't like that suit at all. Needs the red along the bottom, and the writer is right why is all glittery? and the spider looks like a little kid drew it.

As for Peter himself. Not really digging the hair, can't really see his face but from this angle it looks like he is a feshmen so thats fine. I personally need to see him actually acting to see if I like him as spidey or not.

Crazay4153d ago

It's all "glittery" because he's the 'Spec-taculaaaaaar" Spider-Man

Soldierone4153d ago

Not really. Spectacular is just a reboot name of him in high school. The show is Spectacular Spiderman and it kicks but without a sparkly costume.

Tsalagi4152d ago

I don't think you got his joke.

Soldierone4152d ago

Haha nope. Typed that up at like 1AM after a long day lol.

xino4153d ago

everyone look at his gloves, he might be using the Web Cartridges again!

Kyle12124153d ago

i think he is!

atleast they got that right. (=

Crazay4152d ago

You see I always thought that part was rather stupid. When they made it so his body was producing the web, it made more sense. I never liked the "Web cartridges"

Soldierone4152d ago

i agree. The only thing that this means is it is being more classic than the other films.

Sunny_D4147d ago

It may be more classic, but not the favorite. If you ask me. But, Stan Lee thought of organic webbing, but he thought people back then would find it too perposterous if he was to have organic webbing.


Crappy move incoming, the guy doesn't even look like he could be Spider-man

Crazay4152d ago

Why not? I think he suits the role just fine. I think th guy who was in Zathura who sent in a well put together demo tape looked like he was a better fit but that's not to say this kid doesn't work.

Blitzed4152d ago (Edited 4152d ago )

You guys must not have read Spider-Man comics as Andrew Garfield looks a lot more like Peter Parker than Tobey ever did.

For you guys above, it's all 'glittery' because it's wet.

Crazay4152d ago

I just thought that kid from Zathura (name escapes me) would have been a better fit but that's not to say that I don't think Garfield is a bad choice. Tobey was ok for the role but not the best choice either.

Blitzed4152d ago

When Garfield was first announced I didnt know who he was and actually thought the same thing you did, until I got a look at the guy and saw how much he resembles Parker in the comics. I then learned how good of an actor this guy is as well as how much of a real Spidey fan he is, and now I dont think they could have found anyone better.

JL4152d ago

I think Garfield will make a fine Spider-Man. Even more so now that I just finished watching The Social Network.

And the kid's name you're looking for Crazay: Josh Hutcherson. And honestly, I don't think he fit the role too well at all.

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